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Counseling and therapy

From what I’ve experienced the people who refuse to go to counseling or therapy are the ones who need it most, they just won’t admit it
WhateverWorks · 36-40
Yeah, it’s tough though A lot of the time it’s also because they tried (or were forced into trying) counseling at some point in their life, but they had a lousy counselor, or it wasn’t a good fit counseling style for who they are as a person/their goals. Since most people don’t know very much about real counseling, except what they’ve seen on TV or their limited experience, they think further counseling would be a waste of time or cause more harm. Not a whole lot of people hopping on Google doing extensive research on different counseling, modalities and specializations, plus insurance makes it really difficult to find help with what you specifically need/want.
Mikeawesome1986 · 36-40, M
People see it as a weakness, when in reality it's a strength to know you need help, and even more of a strength to actually act upon it and seek it.
IWantToBreakFree · 36-40, F
@Mikeawesome1986 either that or the person is a complete narcissist and they believe nothing is wrong with them and everyone else needs help but them
Mikeawesome1986 · 36-40, M
@IWantToBreakFree that is another problem, a quite serious one. Changing someone's mind over something is difficult, and it's even more so for those who aren't willing to change, because they believe that they're fine and the problems are with everyone else.
Graylight · 51-55, F
A person has to be ready for therapy. You could be presented with filet mignon and caviar, but if you just gorged on pizza you're simply not going to be able to stomach it.

It's not about narcissism or superiority or delusion. It's about fear, and sometimes the kind of deep fear that leads to resistance and even denial. But denial doesn't mean they don't see something; it only means they can't face it yet.

Therapy is always available, it's always there. It's useless unless a person comes with an open and willing heart and mind and absolutely magical when they do.

Maybe instead of judging others for being on a different stretch of road than you, it's more productive to understand they're walking their journey and will come to the things they need in their own due time.
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
That's just like GA, AA, NA it wasn't started because people need it it's because people wanted it. They wanted sobriety they wanted their souls back they wanted their families back that's how it works.
IWantToBreakFree · 36-40, F
@Disgustedman sadly I’ve been finding that out the hard way
should a therapist go to a therapist?
IWantToBreakFree · 36-40, F
@rebis from what I’ve heard one of the requirements of being a therapist is having to see a therapist themselves
it's the right thing to do
that therapist has to see another therapist etc

it turns out that if we add all the therapists to this scheme and loop the last therapist to the first, we get a perfect circular therapeutic scheme

that's genius
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
Counseling and therapy is just talking is it?
IWantToBreakFree · 36-40, F
@Donotfolowme there’s more to it than just that. IT’s problem solving. Coming up with solutions. And can get someone to be open that has been bottling up emotions
Renaci · 36-40
That's why I prefer the neurodivergent. Normies go around without medication or even a recognized illness.

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