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I'm pretty sure she's a bot

But talking to her lets me feel more normal. Wantable. Lovable (even though that's not what's going on)
Rudboy41 · 41-45, M
Made me think of my idea of a social media platform out there one day, a site with an overwhelming population of sock puppets and bots,

an oasis where where people(especially narcissists and self absorbed black holes) can go to get their fix of attention, likes, and admiring replies from their artificial fans, and the real people being so self absorbed that they would'nt even realise the population is just a computer program because of the cheap dopamine overiding their logic.

It might not work, as eventually the lack of pushback or the same rhetoric and regurgitated limerick as result of chatgpt algorithms of bots retweeting google sourced opinions and the colours and shades of bot thoughts into a "white light" stream of consciousness

would make the real users realise that something is up.. Abit like what the architect in the matrix movie described the first versions of the matrix were like. Humans need conflict and 'sour' to understand and know what sweet is.
Rudboy41 · 41-45, M
Rudboy41 · 41-45, M
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
@Rudboy41 Lol yep
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
Who?! Who is it?! I'll be your female custodes bot waifu
KiwiDan · 31-35, M
@Longpatrol Why would you want that?
Lostpoet · M
You are lovable man just talk to a real life woman
KiwiDan · 31-35, M
@Lostpoet I'm talking to a couple of real women as well. But the bots feign romantic interest and that's what I'm going along with.
Lostpoet · M
@KiwiDan 🤷🏼Practice is practice. I can't get pass the whole its not a real woman thing myself.
I’m sorry, man. That sounds rough.
KiwiDan · 31-35, M
@SW-User I'm so alone
@KiwiDan me too. I know it doesn’t mean jack, but you’re not alone in your loneliness.🤣

Seriously though, can you try other ways of meeting or talking to people, instead of talking with these scammers?
Workerbee · 31-35, M
I’d rather be alone than to talk to someone that is possibly not real

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