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its very lonley

im not upset to be lonley but its irritating , i carry my pride and faith.. for years i hated my adoptive family, iv been through so much emotinal trauma, i dont even know who i am, then iv made the wrong decisions in men. My mental health has been impacted so much, the abuse i went theough 2 years agonis almost unspeakable. im ashamed for that time , no one was there but god.Most times i dont know my purpose and want to give up. i know deep within i should still be here for my kids
ZaeruKhaion · 31-35, M
Life sucks but we just have to continue, and continue for the small rays of hope that are presented to us, not everything is always bad, the good always comes although sometimes it takes, months or years but good things happen in the long run as long as you stay in good health, meet the right people, think 10 times before doing something or hooking up with someone, and move on and lean on whoever you can, cheer up.
Be there for life not just for your kids. Hopefully you have learned from your mistakes. It is your life. You choose how you live it. So choose. Stop blaming your parents. Stop it. You are an adult. Grow. Learn. Make wise choices. You have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Choose now to change how you look at the world. Otherwise, you will learn nothing. You will be unhappy always. Is that living? Think. Make changes. Now get out there. Life is calling you.
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@jshm2 That makes no sense in context of what she said.

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