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Today I took a day off work to watch a baby seagull that had fallen out of its nest die....

Last night a very young seagull fell from its nest onto the ground right outside my bed room.

As it cannot yet fly it is powerless to get back to its nest. The mother is nearby calling out in worry but there is absolutely nothing that the mother can do to save its offspring.

The baby seagull will either die a slow lingering death of starvation or it will get mauled by a cat.

When I go outside my property and approach the baby seagull the mother swoops down in an attempt to scare me away from her baby.

But it doesn't matter what the mother does, the baby seagull is doomed.

So I decided to take a day of work and sit by my window watching this drama play out. Currently the baby seagull is extremely distressed and no longer has the energy to do more than whimper, but it can still move about.

The mother seagull is now extremely distressed because she is witnessing her offspring die helpless and alienated.

Even though work is important, it is also important to take time to appreciate the important, grandiose things like life and death and the abject powerlessness of parents as they witness their young die.
SpaceJesus · M
Go outside, pick it up and take care of it! Don't let it die
@GeraldVeritasSeeker see but youre devoid of human emotions
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@TryingtoLava so.... Would that encompass sexual emotions too? Because if so, I wouldn't really be into sex with kids either.
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
I don't know if you are trying to be philosophical, but if you are it's not working. It's not cool of you to just let the bird die because you are a wimp. If it were me, I'd get a ladder, pick the bird up, and return it to the nest. Maybe wear some safety glasses and a hat, but man up dude.
pentacorn · F
there are several words in your trolling monologue for which you obviously don't know the meaning, and i don't believe a word of it.

what a cunty way to get your rocks off, upsetting so many people with your bullshit...
GLITTER · 36-40, F
Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of life and death and the ways of nature etc, it’s cruel to take glory in watching something like that. We are human therefore we can intervene and help when and if necessary. You could have called a wildlife reserve or rescuer. They would have helped or given you instruction to help.
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@GLITTER I'm not taking any kind of glory in watching this.
You could go and save it
MrAboo · 31-35, M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker you’re such a fucking idiot.
@TryingtoLava 😂🤗 I love you Lava.
Crpytobroski · 31-35, M
Ur a fucking loser. Go help the bird and win at life.
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@Crpytobroski it's a seagull. Seagulls grow up to be evil.
Graylight · 46-50, F
@GeraldVeritasSeeker No animal in creation grows up to be good or evil.
Graylight · 46-50, F
'Course, you could've simply placed it back in the nest.
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@Graylight wtf, the nest is on the roof
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker It's called a ladder? Really simple tool with so many uses.
QueenOfQuirk · 22-25, F
you're trying too hard
You are demented.

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