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Today I took a day off work to watch a baby seagull that had fallen out of its nest die....

Last night a very young seagull fell from its nest onto the ground right outside my bed room.

As it cannot yet fly it is powerless to get back to its nest. The mother is nearby calling out in worry but there is absolutely nothing that the mother can do to save its offspring.

The baby seagull will either die a slow lingering death of starvation or it will get mauled by a cat.

When I go outside my property and approach the baby seagull the mother swoops down in an attempt to scare me away from her baby.

But it doesn't matter what the mother does, the baby seagull is doomed.

So I decided to take a day of work and sit by my window watching this drama play out. Currently the baby seagull is extremely distressed and no longer has the energy to do more than whimper, but it can still move about.

The mother seagull is now extremely distressed because she is witnessing her offspring die helpless and alienated.

Even though work is important, it is also important to take time to appreciate the important, grandiose things like life and death and the abject powerlessness of parents as they witness their young die.
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SpaceJesus · M
Go outside, pick it up and take care of it! Don't let it die
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M

1st) everything dies, stop being a little girl

2) if I go near it, it's mother will get me

3) seagulls grow up to be evil
@SpaceJesus not worth it hes a psychopath like those kids that kill animals to watch them suffer
SpaceJesus · M
@TryingtoLava Kind of strikes a nerve, seeing as how I used to work with animals. But yeah you're right.
SpaceJesus · M
@TryingtoLava I don't think this is the place to be today. Imma make a few more posts and take off. The energy sucks today
@SpaceJesus and it didnt yesterday? This site is trash
SpaceJesus · M
@TryingtoLava Yah it really did.
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
Hey@TryingtoLava, I didn't cause the baby seagull to fall out of its nest.
SpaceJesus · M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker Maybe not, but you are getting off on it's suffering. If you're truly at one with nature and all spiritual-like, you'll go out there and do something about it
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@TryingtoLava OK but if I helped it live, in the future lots of people (and animals too) will have a worse life because seagulls grow up to be evil and aggressive. So it all balances out really.
SpaceJesus · M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker Thing is, if you help it, it will bond to you. It will more than likely stay with you. Please go outside and help it.
@SpaceJesus his PM to me “ Hey, what if all the bad things have happened to me already? That means I can watch baby seagulls die because I've already paid for it.”
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@SpaceJesus I don't want to bond with a seagull.
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@TryingtoLava and you had no answer
SpaceJesus · M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker Right now, you are being tested. Now you can believe that or not. A baby is in need. And you have the power to do something about it.
@GeraldVeritasSeeker its the most absurd justification ever why would i reply? Youre saying bad things happened to me so all my actions are justified youre pretty much a pedophile tbh you prob are
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@TryingtoLava I'm not anything like a sex offender.
SpaceJesus · M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker I'll tell you a little something. The definition of good is that which acts to preserve life. The definition of evil is that which acts to destroy it. Which one do you think you are by laying around and watching it suffer, and seeing it's mother's stress? You even took a day off to watch it all. Does that make you good or evil? Or impartial? you cannot claim impartiality, I'm afraid. Your actions are leading to the destruction of a life
@GeraldVeritasSeeker youre just as psychotic i dont see why you wouldnt your personality suggests you would love it
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@SpaceJesus seagulls kill other animals you know. If this baby seagull dies right now (or within the next few days), a whole bunch of pigeons in the future get to live.

And pigeons aren't evil.
@GeraldVeritasSeeker how can YOU of all people say whats good and evil hahaha thats rich
SpaceJesus · M
@GeraldVeritasSeeker Animals kill each other to survive. You're allowing something to die for your own pleasure. And don't you worry about those pigeons and other carrion, there will be plenty of other opportunities in the near future
GeraldVeritasSeeker · 18-21, M
@TryingtoLava perhaps I'm not normal. But I promise carnal instincts have never had any power over me.

Sex in all its forms always seemed graceless, silly and pedestrian to me.