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How do you cut off a "friend" who isn't good for you? [Spirituality & Religion]

I've encountered somewhat of a counterfeit friend. He is no longer healthy for me and my relationship with Christ. He seems to be rejecting everything I say regarding Jesus know even though he claims to love him. our relationship is not the same at all. I feel like is is using me and is harming me more than helping.
LadyGrace · 70-79 Best Comment
Listen to what the spirit is telling you, not what others tell you. If this relationship is doing more harm than good, I believe God is telling you through the Holy Spirit, it's time for a change. He tells us not to have fellowship with those who would drag us down like that. Treat them right, but you don't have to hang around with them.
LadyGrace · 70-79
[@458459,sweetiepoo] Thanks for best answer. 🤗
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@417971,LadyGrace] [@417971,LadyGrace] I'm great! thank you!! I miss you too! And You are so welcome! You deserve it! I shouldn't listen to anyone if it doesn't align with the sprit!
LadyGrace · 70-79
[@458459,sweetiepoo] 👍❤

Tell him exactly what you have told us in your original post. He is a counterfeit friend who is no longer healthy for you and your relationship with Christ. Christ comes first.
May I ask how he is rejecting everything you say about Jesus?
How is he using you?
He may love Christ, but maybe he is struggling with his walk with Christ right now. Why do you think that is and when do you think it started?
Pray about what you need to do and what to say. If he is toxic God will close that door on your friendship with this person.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] You are right. I think he was at rock bottom, but then I took initiative to help him. Maybe I should've not helped him? Let him drown at let God save him? I donor know its all confusing. Thank yo for your comment. I will consider some of your suggestions. However I honestly don't think it's my place to ask for my money back. ( that's just I my opinion,) I just shouldn't have lended it out in the first place. If i knew it was a possible that I Wouldn't get it back and I would end up struggling and hurt finally I shouldn't have done it. I felt bad that he had nothing at the time and knew that he had income that would be coming in soon.
It’s up to you whether you ask for your money back, but when someone does something wrong we need to call them on it. It’s not about you getting your money back’s about letting him know that the Godly thing to do is make it a priority to pay someone back if they have borrowed money. It’s like stealing if they don’t make it a priority. He has not made it a priority to repay you and it’s wrong.
You definitely did the right thing by helping him, but he’s taken advantage of your kindness. That is where you have to draw the line so he does not continue to take advantage of you.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] Thank you so much
SW User
Having someone like that can sometimes make us stronger
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@610818,CollectBeautifulMoments] wow, very insightful, Thank you for that.
[@610818,CollectBeautifulMoments] ☺ [quote]... hand it over to him in prayer ...[/quote] is quite a way to let things work for them. 👍
Blessings to both of you.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@24735,Silentspectator] thank you, didn't even see this before.
Then you for sure should say goodbye to him and explain your relation with Jesus Christ is more important for you than his ego.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@19085,1957Mike] That is what I'm feeling like I need to do.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@19085,1957Mike] thank you
SW User
Is he an online or real life friend? Online is simple just block him.

Real life can be acheived by not responding to any of his messages or calls, if you see him in person ignore him if he suggests going somewhere say sorry I'm busy.
SW User
[@331316,Fernie] If he's as bad and is harming its the least confrontational way and he'd get the message especially if he has a volatile temprement.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@486117,W4nderer] Maybe a little bit of both approaches could be used. I could possibly explain and then maybe go the other route too.
SW User
[@458459,sweetiepoo] sounds like a plan he's you friend and you know him we dont. I agree with [@331316,Fernie] that perhaps there is a slight cowardly element to my reply but I tend to fear the worst when I see "harming me" which is why I suggested a distancing youself approach.

However if you do decide to talk to him I would suggest a neutral public location such as a coffee shop or similar place.
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
So tell him. Don't waste your time or his.
If you truly believe this person should not be in your life then simply stop responding. I recently found the block phone number option on my phone😊
Fernie · F
How is he harming you exactly?
Fernie · F
[@458459,sweetiepoo] "but I before I have prayed to have God remove the romantic attraction I was developing, I was bing influenced and was doing, saying and doing things that were not Christlike. I am beginning to put our relationship before my relationship with God. He is using me financially," Sweetie.....ALL of the above is your doing...not his, not god's...yours. Are you saying you have no power in your life? That anyone can "make" you do their bidding and you can't see it or resist? Is he a friend or lover?
" He has really never helped me. He was there at one time to listen to me and check up on me, but even that isn't the same..."
Take care of yourself...this remark indicates that you might just expect too much from others. Sorry, the way I read your don't take responsibility for your own life and choices but instead...blame others...making you the victim.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@331316,Fernie] Maybe I did expect too much considering we were supposed to be best friends especially whenI thought both us us had a passion for God. We used to talk about God all the time, like spending entire evenings taking about the goodness of God.
Fernie · F
[@458459,sweetiepoo] people change. I'm sure there are many many people who believe all that and would love to talk endlessly about your god. Might be time to move on and find them..and thank you for not becoming angry and defensive...that says a lot about you
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BeachBum · F
[@458459,sweetiepoo] I'm not being nasty but to be fair you posted this under spirituality and religion.

Christianity is only one form of religion
& Spirituality doesn't neccessarily subscribe to any religion.

This is a public forum where people are entitled & encourahed to express their own views.

Friends can have differing opinions and still maintain a healthy friendship (if respect of differences is given both ways).

Just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean that they are a damaging influence.
sweetiepoo · 31-35, F
[@148223,BeachBum] Yes, I posted this under Spirituality and Religion, and yes, I know that everyone is entitled, to their own beliefs, but the comment I replied to read"Asshole or not, at least your friend is real. Jesus is make-believe. Maybe it is time to grow up? I stopped believing in Santa when I was 7"

This is an insult to me and my belief. I don't go around posting on Muslims' or Atheist' posts bashing them saying things like " Your God isn't real and your gonna die in hell" or You better believe that their is a God or else…" or I I don't go on I don't go on someone's post who supports Donald Trump and say things like " You are stupid grow up and see what a BS job this Trumptard is doing" I would be well within my right to "express my views", but, see, there is a way to disagree without being disrespectful. She did not have to come onto my post talking about what I passionately believe in to be make believe and that she stoped believing Santa when she was 7. I have had plenty of discussions with people who do not believe in what I do and we have civil conversations with respect and if we never agree, we simply agree to disagree. Simply as that.
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