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I'm not surprised

I'm barely a month on this app and someone here decided to report my acct just cuz I refused to accept him from sending me inappropriate content now I'm being frag as a scammer funny enough I wasn't really interested on being on SW but a certain person is keeping me here so I'll remain positive about it
Degbeme70-79, M
馃檮 Don`t let one ruin it for you.
AntisocialTroll56-60, F
There is a report button on messages. If someone sends you inappropriate content in a message you can report them.

You have no warning on your account that I can see.
QCDog265961-69, M
This is a tough world.
First off, I'm so glad you're here. I don't have any reason to believe you're a scammer, even if that's not you in the pic and you're really 65 in a basement, what you post matters. You post such positive, uplifting messages, you really bring great joy to this place!
matthewjames18-21, M
sorry Kasie! but you are a super pretty lady and I tried to message you but I understand if you don't wanna message me back you probaly get a lot of messages!
bobhall586856-60, M
Just like in real life, lot's of idiots here too. Just ignore/block them!
Convivial26-30, F
Unfortunately there are fools out there... But i think you're smarter than that...
Leatherstrap6941-45, M
You don鈥檛 seem to be flagged as a scammer when I pull your name up. Hang in there.
There is a lot of bullies on this site that try to report others just because of jealousy.
i get a lot of abuse sometimes. I think they just like to piss us off
Hugs to that certain person 馃 鈽猴笍 馃馃
Don't let the bastards get you down. 馃檮馃様馃馃槆鉂わ笍
Sounds like a lucky person you are still on here for
Block or mute ...problem solved
Virgo7961-69, M
Theres some good ones too馃檪
Nevertooold56-60, M
Just use your BLOCK button!!!
pdockal56-60, M
Report & block him
QuietEd201931-35, M
Sorry you had initial struggles with SW that there was a spoiled idiot who couldn鈥檛 respect you and threw his toys out the pram when you said no to his sending you inappropriate content. Glad that there鈥檚 a friend on here that you want to stay for 馃グ
What a jerk ! The block button is definitely useful here. 馃檨
funfan46-50, M
Kasie, it's soooooo good to see you back on here after that happened a few months ago. What all happened with that wanker who reported you?
Convivial26-30, F
It appears like you stayed, which is good.
Don't let the idiots win...
72andy51-55, M
A real shame some just want to spoil it
Convivial26-30, F
There's always at least one 馃檮
There is a block button for a reason
Zonuss41-45, M
Welcome to SW.
Don't let the haters get you down.
Yup. It be like that all the time instead of arguing, just BLOCK no words needed 馃槃
BigGuy226-30, M
Didn't you send a response to SW Admin with proof as to why he did it 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆尖嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆尖嶁檪锔

...i've had countless reports sent to SW Admin by Lib*ards when THEY lose an argument against me, claiming some ridiculous reason as to why i should be reported
BigGuy226-30, M
How are you finding it otherwise
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