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I feel lost

I just wanted to vent here because I really need to get this out. So, I got done with my 12th grade (the results are yet to come) and now I have to give all these entrances to get into universities. The thing is that, I'm not able to focus on anything. I'm not able to study. I also recently started dating and I'm not able to understand that relationship too. I feel so so so overwhelmed all the time and I just don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I can't talk to my parents either because they just don't care. If any of you can offer some advice please go ahead, I could really use some rn.
Pitsilizater · 31-35, M
I suggest seeking advice mostly from people that you consider successful in the thing you need advice about. Don't take relationship advice from people in bad relationship, don't take nutrition and training advice from fat people etc. Maybe they know what they are talking about, but they probably don't.
Having said that, here is my advice (lol). You are very young and probably don't have experience with most things, so you shouldn't judge yourself too hard if you do something wrong unintentionally. Allow yourself to become who you really are and be open. The only relationships that are forced upon you are with your family and that's where you should try the most. For every other relationship you should decide how much of yourself you are willing to reveal and be aware of how much the other parties are willing to do the same. If you aren't on the same page just leave. There is almost no positive that can come out of trying to change someone else, but mostly suffering. Remember, pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional. Try not to suffer unnecessarily.

P.s. sorry for bad English I am Greek and high rn.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
I'll let you in on a little secret, your later teen years are very confusing and you have many decisions to make. Some of those decisions you will get right, some of them you will get wrong, that is part of becoming an adult and how you deal with those wrong decision is experience for you. Your whole life is going to be filled with many decisions and as above, you won't always make the best decisions for yourself, learn to forgive yourself if you make a bad one and be happy when you make a right one. Try to find someone or some friends that you can trust to help and support you along the way when things don't go right for you. No matter what, be kind to yourself and learn to trust your own instincts, they matter a lot, if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't! 🙂
iamBen · M
Take some long slow deep breaths. Seriously. Deep breathing will help you calm yourself.

Try not to focus on all that's on your plate at the same time. Break it down. Deal with smaller bites of your challenges at a time.

Give yourself a break. Literally and figuratively. Literally, take some time for just you. Take a walk or whatever and get some alone time to relax. To think, if you like. To just be for a bit. Figuratively, try to remember that your in a time of your life when you learn a lot about life. A lot may challenge you. As long as you stay safe, you'll be okay. Even if you make some mistakes. Mistakes are the way we learn what works for us and what doesn't.

You'll be okay.
teenrob · M
not easy at all!
Is there anybody in real life you trust? if this is the case, you should have a long chat with her/him
as far as it relates to my personal experience: at the beginning it looks hard (almost impossible) than, when you are there... it is always easier than expected!
If you're done with high school and haven't started university what are you studying?
Dawgsfan3 · 41-45, M
Focus on what’s most important and try to further your education
Teirdalin · 31-35
Welcome to almost the hard part. :D

Human1000 · M
Try ridelin.

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