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Shadow Banning vs Visibility Filter...same thing, right? Shifting your language and your definitions of things doesn't mean you aren't lying.

Or, as I [i]wanted[/i] to say, lying your ba馃彃馃彃s off.

Conservatives were shadow banned on Twitter, Twitter speak..."visibility filtered".

Doctors who posted their concerns about Covid vaccines in children were blacklisted from being able to spread their message. Lockdown ensued which harmed children. A LOT of children.

Why were Twitter executives holding secret councils of 4 of the most powerful among them, to decide WHICH Covid information could get out to the public, essentially politicizing a medical issue?

Why were certain politicians shadow banned so that the money they spent on ads in their campaigns never saw 90 per cent of the public?
SheCallsMeCrushDaddyM Best Comment
There鈥檚 gonna be a deep dark fiery part of hell for these cretins.

carpediem61-69, M
At least there seems to be some movement to bringing these issues out. Not that anything will happen with the corrupt bunch of a-holes we currently have in office. But imagine how deep this goes with say.... Google. Tell me they don't alter search results to the detriment of people with ideas they don't like. And Facebook is right there as well. The rest of them fall right in line.

The left likes to win. Lying, cheating and censorship are all acceptable because they're a means to an end. Nothing will happen because those in power agree they produce results. Oh... what about our freedoms you say? It looks like they've found a work-around to the Constitution.
@carpediem yep...all means are good. Integrity is a dirty word.
@carpediem I was watching the Five tonight, and Dagen McDowell said she called someone or other, and asked him what he thought about the Twitter scandals...and he asked, "Why are you bothering with little Twitter?" He said you should do a really deep dive into the Five Horses of the Apocalypse...Facebook, Google, Amazon...and I forget who else.
skybubble2056-60, F
I got banned from Twitter just following certain group of people. Now I don鈥檛 use it anymore.
@skybubble20 I quit twitter last year for similar reasons.
skybubble2056-60, F
@TallMtnMedic It鈥檚 like freedom doesn鈥檛 matter! Lol
@skybubble20 And no one can question the leadership or else!
"reframing" is called ...weasel way to get out of the situation
Why did they allow Elon to buy the crime scene?
Is it just a coincidence that John podestas niece was in charge of getting rid of the kiddy porn.. and did a really bad job.
Just quit today..

It鈥檚 always the same names popping up, over n over n over
pedrohedgerow61-69, M
Mind control comes in many forms,and none are acceptable.Fuck this world.
TheBannibalOne61-69, M
It may be lying but there are no laws against it.馃ぅ
@TheBannibalOne Jack Dorsey, former owner of Twitter, unfortunately got up in front of a Congressional hearing on the issue, and said there was NO shadow banning on Twitter. Lying.

I don't know if you remember this, but Trump supporters such as Roger Stone, who supposedly lied to Congress had the FBI do early, early morning raids on their homes with guns drawn. But that won't happen to Jack Dorsey.

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