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Has this happened to you? Or have you received a wrong text?

The horror was felt by my whole body like a wave of embarrassment. 馃槀
@Mrod78 馃槩
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts I know too. You're the one who ate that cake John's mummy made for John that afternoon. You're 8 only that time. 馃槼
@Thecarpenter You think of cake way too much. 馃槀
I sent one, shortly after we鈥檇 established a family text. I was really annoyed with my youngest sister and sent a text to our middle sister,
"鈥橲ister A鈥, I鈥檓 ready to choke 鈥楽ister B' !鈥
Unfortunately, I hit the family text and not her personal line. The replies were immediate:

Sister A: "Oops !"
Brother: "Drama !"
Pop: "Aww, what now ?"
Niece: "That鈥檚 my mom !"
Cousin: "What happened ! Getting popcorn鈥"
Sister B: "You鈥檒l have to catch me first !"
Mrod7841-45, F
@bijouxbroussard It is funny.. But an o no what have I done..moment..
ninalanyon61-69, T
Skype once got confused and called my sister from the wrong account. She said who's that in the profile picture? It was me showing my legs, luckily without my face in the picture. I said it must be a problem at Microsoft and immediately dropped the line. I still have no idea how it happened and she hasn't mentioned it since; but I let her call me now, don't want to risk it happening again
Elessar26-30, M
My best friend, once, probably sleepy and/or drunk, sent me a cheesy lovey text meant for his girlfriend. I was the immediate next contact in alphabetic order in his phone. There was no message deletion, nor message editing at the time, so I imagine the face wasn't too different from that. 4-5 messages of "sorry bud, wrong contact" and further attempts at explanations / damage-control followed.

We still joke about that and occasionally call each other "bellissima" (my most-beautiful one, f. declination) ever since, in reference to that text lol

(Anyway, it could've been much worse, at least I didn't receive a d*ck pic or otherwise sexual stuff 馃槵)
Mrod7841-45, F
@Elessar Love this one..
Ontheroad61-69, M
Exactly this! One lady involved in the missent text was not a lady when she responded. She had absolutely no sense of humor 馃榿.
I don鈥檛 understand why texts cannot have a 鈥淗old鈥 feature. Something that keeps the text on hold for a minute just in case you change your mind or noticed some kind of error.
@Mrod78 A breathalyzer text app
Mrod7841-45, F
@stratosranger there's a good idea!!
Or better still, a setting that prevents texts from being sent any time after 5PM on Fridays, weekends or holidays. 馃槅 @Mrod78
DeWayfarer61-69, M
There's soon to be a new text feature on apple cellphones that's related to this....

Hopefully this will happen on all cellphones someday.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@stratosranger this is texting on apple cellphones though. Nothing on MS.
@Mrod78 My first mission was to figure out how to turn that sodding thing off!
@DeWayfarer I look forward to that feature so long as it鈥檚 not hyper annoying like Apple鈥檚 spell check or have a RuPaul popup that says 鈥淕urrrrrl!鈥 every time I screw something up.
Degbeme70-79, M
I`ve sent one. But it wasn`t anything embarrassing.
Sent one.
To my daughters teacher..thinking was to my ex husband

Lucky i know her pretty good and she figured i didnt mean to send to her

But my face 馃槻 when i read ' oh sexy! Your place or mine?'

Took me a minute to register why she had texted that
Mrod7841-45, F
@Becks048 that one is good. Thanks for sharing!!
Sent one, was years ago
That happened some years ago when I sent an email to my senior instead of ex. Both have same name and I was in hurry so didn't notice. Though it was not a dirty e-mail or anything like that so it didn't cause any trouble.
No. I take utmost care before clicking the send button. I also don't fill the "Mail to" box before finalizing the content, so it is sent accidentally before I complete.
I received more than I sent.
@Mrod78 Those I sent weren't embarrassing but most that I received were about me. Nothing too dramatic but pretty awkward regardless.
Mrod7841-45, F
@CrazyMusicLover o no....
@Mrod78 Yeah, it was my first week at a new workplace and I got a message from a boss "listen, that new one, couldn't she do this and that?" They were short on the staff.
Yeah, I think everyone's done this to varying degrees of embarrassment.
PassingThrough41-45, M
I鈥檝e been insanely lucky that this hasn鈥檛 happened very often to me
Dacrowman70-79, M
@PassingThrough very often 馃檪
Stereoguy56-60, M
I have definitely sent a text to the wrong person before.
Starcrossed41-45, F
IMs at work a long time ago but not Texts.
Dacrowman70-79, M
And is an xx rated pic 馃槀馃ぃ
PeterJ51-55, M
Omg.... been there
kentex35100+, M
Hell yeah. Especially when I'm acting like a dog under a buffet table all-you know and my buddy returns a text that says you know I don't roll that way

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