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I'm not saying SW has gone downhill, but...

...I used to think the amount of blocks we got was extremely generous, and now I'm burning through them at a couple a day 馃ぃ

Or maybe I've just become less patient with other people's rudeness
hartfire Best Comment
It's hard to tell because it goes through not just daily and weekly cycles of greater or less activity, but also seasonal and annual.
Lately I've had the feeling that there've been fewer of the old personalities around, long time member drop in less often and some have just disappeared altogether. At the same time, quite a few newbies have appeared, but haven't hung around for very long. So it does seem to me as if it's falling off - less activity and less variety.
Once it reaches a tipping point it could lose its momentum and fizzle out - not due to the dysfunctionality of EP days - but due to the members themselves not engaging enough in strings of conversations.
@helsbels Thanks for the Best Pick! :)

I'm up to 3,255 blocked at this point. 馃槄
iamonfire69636-40, F
@thepersistentpanda you are definitely the winner of the blocks I think lol
Gangstress41-45, F
@thepersistentpanda i thought i was block happy 馃槄 youre as bad as me or im as bad as you lol
@Gangstress I guard my peace and quiet fiercely. 馃槀
Queendragonfly31-35, F
It means you have become wise my dear. 馃檹
helsbels26-30, F
@Queendragonfly It was blocking the guy that was arguing with you on another post that made me post this! I get everyone has opinions but some people are far too condesending towards others on here.
I think people are making multiple accounts they should make so when you block someone it blocks all of their accounts.
It's better to use them than to suffer other people's bs
The faster you block others........the faster you run out of a new feed of posts each day. Eventually when more is blocked than unblocked.........things on a social media site get boring fast. Blocking don't hurt "them".......it hurts your experience here. Unless of course you ONLY want people who stroke your ego and are otherwise boring to talk too.
iamonfire69636-40, F
@helsbels I completely agree with you there
@helsbels [b]Whenever[/b] I see a man criticizing a woman for blocking I figure he simply has no clue. Especially a [b]young[/b] woman, but it鈥檚 not limited to them. I really appreciate the men here who are gentlemen because some of the ones who are [b]not[/b] are really foul. And I don鈥檛 know with whom they鈥檙e used to interacting that they think the things they pm are okay. 馃槼
helsbels26-30, F
@bijouxbroussard Absolutely right

And credit to @LordShadowfire there who quickly apologised.
MasterLee56-60, M
Blocking cleans up the feed. If there is no content it is just an indictment of the users. I would rather no content than shit content.
Lilred228931-35, F
Same! I block a lot more now.
black4white56-60, M
Go look at your unblocked users.... i am sure you have some "older" ones in there and unblock then recycle....i dont think they are "notified" of the unblock

I just looked at mine and i had some people blocked from like 4 years ago or older.... i probably will recycle those hahaha
startingover2351-55, M
I think that is a fair assessment. And it is not just you
Virgo7961-69, M
Ok ill say it's gone down hill馃槍
I unblocked 15 accounts earlier to save some room. Think they were cancelled accounts. They said suspended so not sure. Down to 301.

With this sites attempts at playing pokemon with other site patrons it's been a little crazy at times.
Ignoring people that don't directly interact with you goes a long way. Though I've muted a lot. People who posted disgusting stuff, but who I didn't see replying. 馃
JohnOlinger41-45, M
Just unblock some to block more or unless you get VIP you get unlimited Blocking
helsbels26-30, F
@JohnOlinger I have only used 55. But probably half of those were in the last few months.
Benjago41-45, M
It's probably a combination of the both. I find myself using the feature way more than I ever used to as well.
I don't block many people, seems the site is small already, just block on extreme cases
Sunrises26-30, F
There are like 3 people on SW
helsbels26-30, F
@Sunrises Feels that way
Martinette41-45, F
I have 20 blocked. We have 500.
helsbels26-30, F
@Martinette 55 for me so not quite running out yet!
What if i told you, you can just ignore them instead
FukFaceWillie51-55, M
You might be a blockhead.

LordShadowfire46-50, MVIP
I don't block anybody unless I'm forced to. I prefer to see what they post that violates the rules. I guess I'm just weird that way.
JohnOlinger41-45, M
@LordShadowfire its funny that these blocks have A,Limit that goes up to 500 but if you get VIP the blocks are Unlimited 馃ぃ

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