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Why is it that when someone met you and learned your name, their first instinct is to add you on facebook?

I went to a church recently and met some people there. I gave them my number, so technically, they can use that to contact me if they really want to.

And yet I still received a facebook friend request and an urge from a fellow acquaintance asking if I have accepted the person's friend request.
Like for what?

People normally just stalk you there, look at pics and achievements and stuff. And here I am trying to make friends with strangers without looking at their credentials.

Thing is, I know what looks good on credentials and what not. I do not want people to like me just based on that. I just want to be seen as me.

So now I am rethinking if I should keep interacting with those people or not. I just found the fact that they had to use an acquaintance to get me to accept the request a red flag. But mom said it'd be rude if I turn it down.

Personally, I really don't want to. I am alright to speak and meet with them already and asked the fellow acquaintance to relay it to them. But I don't feel comfortable accepting the request of someone I only just met who even had to go through such length.

4meAndyou · F
I don't know...a waste of their time, with me. I have black listed Facebook since I first found out that personal photos can be copied and pasted from there to absolutely ANYWHERE on the internet. Stalkers can use photos of homes and streets to actually LOCATE you. It's super dangerous for women.
AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
That's why I don't do those types of social media. Too invasive.
Yourguyinthecity · 51-55, M
This week I shut down my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and X/Twitter. Too much drama, politics and people bragging about their lives.
Casheyane · F
@Yourguyinthecity That's what happens when you follow and get followed by "friends" in social media apps. I only use insta for memories and following/stalking actresses/actors I like haha but I keep it low profile.
TheBannibalOne · 61-69, M
Next time say I don't have Facebook.😃
Casheyane · F
@TheBannibalOne I'm afraid there isn't a hide function haha.
ApotheGee · 36-40, M
Please accept my friend request.
they are probably being nosy. i dont add people i just met. next thing ya know, next time you see them they will be like....... i saw this and that on facebook. i dont get down like that. shit is creepy.
DevlishGodish · 26-30, M
The diehard political divides that can’t seem to be reconciled.
"What real friendship means in a virtual world"!
Lilnonames · F
I turn them down Dailey. I've added one friend in six years

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