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I need EP again

I need EP, because it is so difficult to find people who would listen, understand and share the same feelings in the real world. I hope we could cultivate a part of SW to be another EP.
This website is pretty close besides the warm color feeling from EP

The main thing is that the number of users are low and the people here are quiet or private messaging or perhaps just on and off
texasborn89 · 31-35, M
i miss ep unfortunately i don't remember it as
much anymore
Sssslm · F
@texasborn89 i remember there were much more deeper stories and sharing among the members.
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@texasborn89 Same here. I was high most of the time during EP days 😅.
The .com domain is still theirs looks like they just don’t have the website online but they technically could.
Thandeka · 31-35, F
I think in the beginning SW felt like EP but quickly lost it's essence.
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
It would be hard, we will never see the level of data privacy that wad part of EP
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
I made a lot of really good friends on EP. I still talk to a few of them.
EP is gone never coming back got to let it go
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@ExperienceDLT Nooooo 😭😭😭
Laddu · M
I wonder how r the trolls billy madison n others
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
Oh lawd...
Missing EP can cause some serious issues... I've seen it before. You better start looking for help before you get your subscription to Nexus magazine.
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
@Sssslm What a coincidence... I said EP too. Great minds think alike I guess.
Sssslm · F
@Kwek00 i guess you found solutions in Dunes all these years, before subscribing to Nexus magazine.
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
@Sssslm My love for EP never went that far. No worries. 👫
And if you never read Dune... I can only advice you to do so... 'cause Dune.
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What? EP didn't have trolls?
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@swirlie Oh damn 😂
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