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Have you ever been on here and wondered, "Hey, where is x user at?"

And then you remember "Oh yeah, they blocked me" 馃槀
I get a feeling I鈥檓 going to be blocked by a certain user before they blocked me. Ironically, the most bichy women here block me quickly. Haha
latinladybug41-45, F
@ChangeYourDestiny They are like insects haha.
@latinladybug 馃悕馃槀
@Zonuss yeah I鈥檓 glad you do
Barny5256-60, M
Only been blocked a couple of times, one was me making a joke and it was taken the wrong way the other was a setup with one person with two accounts,, sure I鈥檒l get some more blocks
Houdini56-60, M
No I don鈥檛 care people that block me block me and that鈥檚 the way it is on here. If you don鈥檛 like the things I ask about then don鈥檛 bother talking with me
Happened to me recently lol no loss though since they were acting like a child
I don't really notice when/if people block me and tbh I don't care if they do 馃し
Not really I don't give those any importance
My nearest and dearest 馃槅
Have you tried not worrying about people who aren't even posting? Seems like a lot of diverse folk here.
latinladybug41-45, F
@Vin53 I don't even know who has blocked me recently, lol.
WaryWitchWandering31-35, F
No, most ppl who block me do it鈥. And I have never or barely interacted with them

I鈥檓 just really good at turning some people off 馃槍
DarkSideoftheMoon31-35, F
How do you know when they block you?
DarkSideoftheMoon31-35, F
@latinladybug oh shiznit
kentex35100+, M
@DarkSideoftheMoon they tell me get the hell outta here or the scorpion motorcycle club will be there in fifteen minutes again.
No, not really. But then I've only been here around a year, so I don't really know anybody that well.
kentex35100+, M
I hate that and I always try to apologize then I get another insult and blocked again. I'm blond though
Zonuss41-45, M
Sometimes. But my concern is entertaining others. Not strange people. 馃檪
Naw i know pretty quickly, bec they hate hearing the truth
11knaves1141-45, M
I do not block on here...pointless
latinladybug41-45, F
@11knaves11 It's been ages since I've blocked someone. I did a lot more when I was new on here.
11knaves1141-45, M
@latinladybug I fully understand, but it's attention they want soa, most times I have to read them but....I laugh or see how witty they are....I understand, Ladies and what they have to deal with HAS to be revolting but I get IT馃憣馃徑馃馃徑
I don鈥檛 really know if I鈥檝e been blocked, but I assume so
No. I don't forget the dramatic users.
Slade56-60, M
FlowersNButterflies61-69, FVIP
Block is a great feature.
iamonfire69636-40, F
I will go back to reply to a message in my inbox and see I am blocked. Or if I go look at one of my older posts it鈥檚 crazy the number of people that have blocked me.

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