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Are you watching the World Cup legally?

I have an IPTV subscription. The app itself is legal. I paid the tech guys ~ 25 USD for an entire year of thousands of TV channels, movies & shows. Dunno how they manage to do it but the World Cup is just a tiny portion of the subscription. It's a very popular way where I live and the authorities don't fight it.
tenente100+, M
reading posts and comments about the World Cup and I think I subscribed to the wrong sports channel 馃
TrunkZ56-60, M
@tenente Is it time for the feats of strength already? 馃馃
Kwek0036-40, M
@tenente Here is a moment of English sports for you

Whodunnit41-45, M
@Kwek00 Those commentators are excellent 馃槀
Lugubri056-60, M
Yes, but I should be working
Asmae31-35, F
Better than nothing 馃馃徑@Lugubri0
Lugubri056-60, M
@Asmae I'll remember that when it's appraisal time 馃槄
Kwek0036-40, M
@Asmae @Lugubri0 Sneaky B*tches 馃檱鈥嶁檪锔
It is on national tv here so yeah
Asmae31-35, F
That's awesome! What national TV is it?

Edit: haha just read it's the UK @InOtterWords
@Asmae they share the coverage between two channels...BBC and ITV
Kwek0036-40, M
@InOtterWords @Asmae Yup

I get it legally on:

[b]BBC1[/b] [i](British National Television)[/i] - some matches
[b]NOS[/b] [i](Dutch National Television)[/i] - all matches
[b]Vrt[/b] & [b]Canvas[/b] [i](Flemish Regional Television - Belgian/Dutch)[/i] - All Matches
[b]Tipik[/b] [i](Walloon Regional Television - Belgian/French)[/i] - All Matches
[b]Rai1[/b] [i](Italian National Television)[/i] - some matches
[b]ZDF[/b] [i](German National Television) [/i]- all matches
[b]TF1[/b] [i](French private compagny)[/i] - Only the last match of the day

And the few matches that aren't broadcasted on some of the channels, are probably on other state or private channels in that country that work together with the national channel. That I don't get on my cable.
rachelsj18-21, F
Only cup im watching is my coffee cup
pdockal56-60, M
@rachelsj got milk ?????
rachelsj18-21, F
@pdockal plenty
pdockal56-60, M
@rachelsj don't usually have milk in my coffee but I'll make an exception for some of yours
iamelijah26-30, F
Yes yes. Sports is a must in our tv subscription. World Cup is a bonus.
Luckily it live at night so I can watch them live.
I don't like recording. 馃槄
Asmae31-35, F
Same it's either live or I won't be wasting my time 馃槢 @iamelijah
Tukudo41-45, M
Is there still smart card sharing exists in your place?
Asmae31-35, F
Yeah @Tukudo
Tukudo41-45, M
@Asmae okay. I would like to ask you something more about you chat in pm?
Tukudo41-45, M
@Asmae Do you know any hackers?
onewithshoes22-25, F
Nope, no interest in sports.
I read about the hooligans pillaging the host city in the news next day.
Yeah, on IPTV also 馃槀
@Asmae JM HD
Asmae31-35, F
IPTV Smarters @OzymandiasLives
caesar761-69, M
I did yesterday to watch our boys play but if I can find a free streaming service, I will.
Kwek0036-40, M
It's on the national broadcasting service 馃悾
Asmae31-35, F
Lucky b*tches @Kwek00
Quetzalcoatlus46-50, M
@Asmae No, replays.
Asmae31-35, F
I thought so. No fun 馃@Quetzalcoatlus
Quetzalcoatlus46-50, M
@Asmae YoutubeTV is live but you have to pay. It鈥檚 what I did
ronisme161-69, M
Asmae31-35, F
It's a site called myiptvmaroc
but it's in arabic & french only and you can contact them on whatsapp
Lol this is not an ad but you asked 馃槄
ronisme161-69, M
@Asmae thanks, i appreciate it
LookingForTheSummer31-35, M
It's on national TV over here.
watch it free on wiziwig
pdockal56-60, M
Not watching @ all
Starcrossed41-45, F
I'm not sure I'd have watched it even if I [i]was[/i] a fan this year. Not in good concience. The human rights violations building it are despicable and frankly I think anyone supporting FIFA should be ashamed of themselves.
Do people actually watch that?
Well 1st i have to say wow looking beautiful in ur pfp

And naw i just watch it on ESPN or find someone live streaming it on tiktok

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