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Stores like Bath and Body Works?

So many scents!! Plus now they have an entire men's section at B and B Works馃槑馃Т
They smell good, but I'm bored in like 2 minutes at stores like that
Coralmist41-45, F
@BizSuitStacy Oh really? I go to like every scent to smell it lol.
I used to go to Bath and Bodyworks a lot, but I hear a lot of their products contain heavy chemicals.

We go to a store called Lush, they have all kinds of soaps and shampoos but it's all natural like they say they don't test on animals.

Check out their website if you're interested, I had a body lotion that lasted a whole 2 years from Lush before it went bad. I think they have really good products.
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
Every time I walk by I am hit with the smell.

A little overpowering. I am like a cat who has just been given a can of pineapple instead of a can of tuna.

(When I was a kid, our cats would hear a can of pineapple being opened and run over and beg, thinking it was tuna. Yet when I let them stiff it the look on their face was so funny).
There are so many scents there that I can't be certain of what I am smelling in the store. My husband likes pinion and sandalwood scents and keep those in the bathrooms and his man cave to enjoy.
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
I prefer hardware stores or supermarkets. Worst store for me is a fabric store or any store with those flickering fluorescent lights that make you dizzy.
come2gether51-55, M
I get my candles at Home Goods. More affordable, and they are so effective at pleasantly scenting the air
just give me irish spring and a bath sponge from the local market so i can smell nice at the beer store馃構
No. For me, nothing ever came close, garnering compliments, than Aqua Velva.
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
Can't stand them. I can barely walk down the detergent aisle in the grocery store
Gringo46-50, M
Generally if I鈥檓 there it鈥檚 to buy something specific for the wife. But I am in and out.
NatureGuy7751-55, M
I actually do like the smell of those stores.
Coralmist41-45, F
@NatureGuy77 Do you have a favorite scent? I just found one I really enjoy...Chasing Fireflies.
NatureGuy7751-55, M
@Coralmist No favorite scent, but I do like those incense sticks too
caPnAhab26-30, M
Sounds fun at first but I'm sure I'd get booored after 20 minutes
Cigarguy10141-45, M
I hate almost all stores so I buy almost every I can off of Amazon
icedsky51-55, M
I think I'm still banned from Bed Bath and Beyond
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Harmonium192351-55, M
No, no I don鈥檛. Not at all. Nope. Not me.
Tracos51-55, M
I prefer the smell of food
I do bath bombs.
ViciDraco36-40, M
I enjoy them. I like using a scene candle when taking a bath and I like the foaming hand soaps

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