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I want a new online friend

I don't know why this is a thing for me, do anyone know what I mean? I don't want another friend IRL, just an online chatting comrade to write with about all my ever-changing projects and thoughts lol.
TheSirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
I find my online friends became that because we connected over common interests.....and shared a similar sense of humour.
And thinking about it most of them ,across several forums(not all) are women.馃槂
The way forward is to post regularly.......
TheSirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
@Dlrannie yes...that surprised me.Still not at all sure what she is doing but if she is on here she is in Poland.And if she isn鈥檛 she is Ukraine which is dangerous
Dlrannie31-35, F
@TheSirfurryanimalWales I hope she鈥檚 ok and keeping safe as far as the situation permits 馃槝
TheSirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
@Dlrannie her response to me was 鈥業鈥檓 sort of safe鈥.
Just keep her away from Donbas
DunningKruger61-69, M
Online friends are great because of the distance involved 鈥 the effort required to maintain an online friendship is considerably less than doing so in real life.
Entheesa31-35, F
@DunningKruger It's fine here. Internet has been quite laggy, and we lost it sometimes, but currently it's perfect.
DunningKruger61-69, M
@Entheesa I hope you and yours remain safe. Good luck recruiting new friends.
Entheesa31-35, F
@DunningKruger Haha thanks. 鈽猴笍
It is nice to have online friends to share your common interest with. I have a few select ones that keep me thinking and smiling.
Entheesa31-35, F
@Jlhzfromep That's nice!
I read in your bio your Danish and living in Ukraine. Our member Fable is also Danish and married to an Ukrainian and living in west Ukraine. Maybr you can connect @Fable
It is more easy with strangers 馃槀
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Entheesa31-35, F

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