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Was is real? Is there reality left? What stays?

Tell me what makes something real, something that will stay the course of time and examination. Isn't everything that we think not nonreal? To be honest, I'm heading for bed. Being tired is real enough.
kodiac · 18-21, M
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.Strawberry. field's forever.
I think the thing that makes something real, is our belief. But, I think whatever we believe is subject to shift with new, or possibly a new understanding of the information which we use to [i]form[/i] our beliefs. So, the only thing which may stay the course of time, as you say, is the shift, itself.

Whatever we say is real, is real, because our beliefs MAKE it so. You can have half a dozen witnesses to the same car wreck, and get half a dozen different accounts, just because you're dealing with different people. Each story represents that person's reality of what happened. There's no right or wrong (that's a judgement issue), and no one is lying.
[@528751,val70] I think I get what you're saying. Although, I'm having some trouble understanding your incomplete sentence.
val70 · F
[@176592,PhoenixPhail] Try writing in your fourth language, matie :)
[@528751,val70] In that case, you're doing very well. 😊
deadgerbil · 22-25
Kinda hard to find out since we are limited by our senses. Lots of stuff is real that previous humans had no idea existed bc they couldn't perceive it.
val70 · F
[@761112,deadgerbil] Yes, preception. Is reality out there not part of yourself all along? What we create isn't what we do see but what we can think.
deadgerbil · 22-25
[@528751,val70] yup. And when something is wrong with us, that reality changes. Like with brain injuries, extremely real things can be thrown into question. And even if the brain isn't injured, we're still limited by it in how it evolved, etc. It evolved to make sense of environments like Sub-Saharan africa, not mysterious stuff in space, etc.
val70 · F
[@761112,deadgerbil] Exactly. One hitch in the brain's normal functioning and bingo there's a totally new reality yet again. From what there is in size of brain to what there actually can come about with the malfunctioning brain. The brain of a Neanderthaler was indeed different to us, but then again amongst human beings today there could be some who have a residue of that Neanderthaler brain.
SomeAreBoojums · 51-55, M
Reality is subjective. We edit it continuously and retrospectively
val70 · F
[@241690,SomeAreBoojums] That is so. Is there a reality really? Like I went to bed, now being in bed with the laptop isn't the same as to go to sleep nor even being asleep feeling to be tired just before. The laptop in there is yet another joker in the pack. It changes not only perception but reality for the onlooker and the participant as well.
beefandbroccoli · 26-30, M
When I go pay my taxes that's pretty real for me
val70 · F
[@567763,blackcar] Are we still talking? Here's the thing, in polite conversation one doesn't insult the other like you just did. So no, I don't know what planet you're living on.
beefandbroccoli · 26-30, M
[@528751,val70] God should put you in charge over everything. You're literally so smart. Like you're obviously better than everyone else and your knowledge is far superior than me and everyone else's. And you're polite too. I'm sure god will give you credit for that too.
val70 · F
[@567763,blackcar] Credit where's credit due.
Anything that we have logical, mathematical, and physical proofs for
val70 · F
[@596681,TheBlackPowerRanger] Yes, because there's indeed more than a little evidence that reality isn't singular but multitude. Even in physics nothing can be that because of this any more, just because there's no real stability to measure against. What we think is reality isn't really reality. Only individual perception and factial context make a result that can we agreed to by the many. What you claim to be simple, consistent and observable isn't that at all, and once there's an acceptance for the need of more examination then reality will become eventually real again. In short, everything is much more complex than we can be gather.
[@528751,val70] Are you a sophist? ,_,
Just curious to know

And I can't quite back you up there .-.
You and I can compare our perceptions. We're a standard, conscious, sentient agent with the ability to perceive in different ways. Sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell. Considering our senses work as the model human biological code is supposed to work, you and I can compare our perceptions of reality and find that since our bodies should remain consistent, our perception faculties/tools work appropriately and are the same, that we should perceive the same reality if reality is indeed only one and the same for all. If it were different, you would look at the same thing I look at and it would be different ,_,
We know that's not the case and it can't be a multitude

Just because the complexity of the universe is abstracted and encapsulated from us and we cannot unravel it all does not mean at all that reality is not one ._.
val70 · F
[@596681,TheBlackPowerRanger] There's already a multitude by the multitude of how we all code perception. Language, culture, etc. Limited that we are, we shouldn't presume that we know any better than the American Indians. I thought that we past that stage already. It's not because something was said in some language that the original cultural concept will have translated correctly. To believe in the always enduring singularity of reality as it can be both percieved and decoded as best as possible, well, that's foolish in the extreme. It isn't just because it's worded as being complex that the average poor human brain will ever understand it if it doesn't accept that constant and ever further examination is needed.
if all the science books were burned today, they would be re-written in 100 years because we would rediscover them. But if you burned novels none would be re-written. Some things are just universal truths.

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