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Any Americans here?

Or are y'all gobbling turkey 馃槣
@CarolinaCrushDaddy Hahaha 馃き
Oh yes!!
And kick ass pumpkin pie with cool whip!!!
@20Twenty Nice!!! 馃構
@20Twenty I'm jelly 馃き
cherokeepatti61-69, F
No we had a free range chicken that someone gave us. It was huge and I cooked it for 7 hours in the Crockpot. Just got finished eating dinner鈥.also had green beans with mushrooms, baked butternut squash with cinnamon & maple syrup, mashed potatoes, fruit salad with lemon-honey-yogurt dressing, deviled eggs and tapioca-cheese rolls.
GBPackersFan41-45, M
Sorry for the late reply but yesterday I wasn鈥檛 gobbling up turkey at all ( can鈥檛 stand it) we had a non traditional Thanksgiving鈥 burgers 馃崝, bread salad etc plus that day was also devoted to 3 NFL football games which is my real tradition 馃憤馃槣
@GBPackersFan Burgers are perfect for football hahaha and yeah my hubby won $350.00 on those games lmao 馃お
In the northeast make a tenderloin roast. Tired of turkey
@Onestarlitnight mmm tenderloin 馃構
With seasoned roasted potatoes and saut茅ed asparagus..
Nothing traditional! 馃槈
@Onestarlitnight that sounds delish
awhitedot46-50, M
We are sleeping off the tryptophan.
popmol22-25, M
gobble gobble!
DrWatson70-79, M
Paladin56-60, M
Our thanksgiving was canceled due to covid.
I think I'm starting to feel a little better, but the wife is still feeling pretty poorly.
@Paladin oh sorry to hear that...
Here now. Sides/dessert are done and turkey鈥檚 in the oven...
All done gobbling!
@Newfound1 Are ya still full? 馃き
@Lilymoon full again, just had a huge sandwich with turkey, stuffing and cranberry jellie
@Newfound1 haha yum!
RosaMarie41-45, F
I'm done with Turkey for the day.
ElderE61-69, M
@RosaMarie yes. And we'll pock back up tomorrow.
samueltyler280-89, M
Canadians are Americans, had Thanksgiving weeks ago.
caPnNathanael26-30, M
I don't like turkey that much. But I sure do like potatoes
Pretzel61-69, M
I am american
and have been called a turkey
DrWatson70-79, M
@Pretzel Congratulations on your Special Day!
I鈥檓 here while downing turkey. 馃構
@Ducky yum
Im not even wearing a rubber glove lol bare hand
ap19946-50, M
We鈥檙e just digesting our turkey over here.
LMAO...I'm here...I have no turkey to gobble.
LunarOrbit56-60, M
Just turkey?
@LunarOrbit I see what you did there 馃槅
LunarOrbit56-60, M
@Lilymoon Gobble Gobble :)
Me but im stuffing the turkey lol
vetguy199151-55, M
Ate a little bit ago
ElderE61-69, M

Still here presently.
tenente100+, M
reminded me 馃槀馃槀馃
yes...and no
@Bang5luts why sad tho
@Lilymoon [media=]
We don't have enough to make turkey sandwiches with........all gone
Stereoguy56-60, M
I just popped in for a second. 馃檪
Had a good Thanksgiving. My friend did a very nice xmas lights display
@Lilymoon it is. But the amont of work he did was insane. Take him just over 3wks
@Darksideinthenight2 Yeah some people go all out...
@Lilymoon yeah. But made him and his family happy. So it was neat to be part of it. He has time since he retired. So he the type of person who cant just sit around. He always have to be busy with something lol
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
Most will be out buying new guns for Christmas

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