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The more I became stoic,the more I became asexual

For the start I really feel that I'm asexual starting in my adolescence but it grew more when the time goes by and recently I became follower of "stoicism" philosophy, then I feel more and more asexual since in the past I've been able to crush/s to a girl or opposite sex (I'm male btw) and now I'm losing it the instinct to like or will to find a mate, I'm scared I don't want to lose my humanity
Dolimyte · 41-45, M
Sexuality is only part of being human. You are not losing your humanity. Being asexual is perfectly valid, don't worry.
Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
@Dolimyte thank you
I'm asexual too. if you feel like the whole stoicism thing is somehow ruining your humanity because it's making you more asexual... maybe it's time to look for a new philosophy
@Peterthestoic I got no idea man. I've never really had an issue with finding people to date personally. before I realised I was asexual I had had girlfriends before. so I don't know if that's true.
@Peterthestoic maybe it's an emotional thing. you need some sort of connection with the other person first before you're able to think about dating.
Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
@SW-User yeah I feel that too since I don't really find beautiful women interesting (in sexual way) and I also think that spending your resources and time for just limited time of pleasure is a unproductive.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
There is no such thing as asexual
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Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
Sorry I accidentally deleted your comment and I'm thankful to your comment.
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@Morrowind you realise you're telling an underage kid to date older people right...?
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