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Were there many fights in your high school?

There were fights breaking out fairly often in mine it seemed. Wasn’t gender specific either, plenty of girl on girl fights occurred just as guy on guy fights did. A couple occasions of a guy hitting a girl, but not as much.
Have times changed since then (mid-90’s)?
Caned4doz · 61-69, M
LOL, you're asking about times changing since the mid-90s...I went to school in the 1960s and boy, have things changed! I went to a private Catholic boys school and it was very strict. There were still fights, boy's will be boys, but not too many. That was probably because fighting guaranteed being caned - six of the best on the backside, usually from the deputy headmaster. It didn't matter what the fight was about or who started it, all involved were caned. That uncompromising attitude actually worked for the most part.
Quimliqer · 61-69, MVIP
There was the odd dust up in the hall, but in those days if you were caught it was into the principals office, bend over and grab your ankles. There wasn’t any thought to counselling or calling your parents. One could only pray one’s parents didn’t hear about it!!
Caned4doz · 61-69, M
@Quimliqer Like I said in my post, it was the cane at my school. I agree, it was a quick and sharp consequence for breaking the rules and as you say, none of the counselling or 'let's hug a tree' crap. As for parents finding out, oh yes, that was a terrible fate.
Not at all. In fact, I don't recall any. I think they used to call this place "an elite high school". Kids were quite busy studying and if not they were still able to resolve stuff without drawing too much attention from the others. Mind you, we have 4-year high schools where first graders are 15-16.
exexec · 61-69, C
They weren't common, but when they happened, the combatants met in the cemetery by the school and fought. I never saw one since I was always at some kind of sports practice.
Lugubri0 · 56-60, M
Fairly common. If they were ever interrupted by Mr Jones, the games teacher, he would get them back after school and put the boxing gloves on them.
Fishy · 31-35, F
Physical? Surprisingly there wasn't that many when I went to school....

Verbal? Yeah basically every day

There was a lot of trash talking lol
LilPrincess · 41-45, F
Not like today. Normally people just told each other to f*ck off and went their separate ways
A couple I guess? I dunno, I stuck to myself a lot in high school. 🤔
tk9999 · 41-45, M
@thepersistentpanda I did too, but it was noticeable in the hallways and such when it happened. And people talked about them.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
It was a big school, maybe once a week?

Most of the time the fights were in the stairwells.
Fist fights, occasionally. But nobody went home and got a gun.
tacobell · 26-30, M
I went to two high schools, in California it was mostly males for gang shit. In new York, it was the hoodrat women pulling each other's wigs off
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
There was only 270 people in my high school so fights didn’t happen that often
MethDozer · M
Pretty much daily.

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