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Can't wait to get into my cozy bed tonight. 馃槾

AllelujahHaptism36-40, M
why wait? haha
i get into bed whenever the mood strikes :p
AllelujahHaptism36-40, M
@Foxes could take afew minutes in comfort though?
@AllelujahHaptism I might get too comfortable though lol.
AllelujahHaptism36-40, M
@Foxes thats a very good point
AngelKrish26-30, M
It's beautiful 馃槉 cuddly wuddly bed!
Teddy bear is missing ! You need one 馃?
AngelKrish26-30, M
@Foxes that's nice 馃槉
I can offer this teddy! Lol
@AngelKrish But it has claws and sharp teefs.
AngelKrish26-30, M
@Foxes Those claws and teeth are to protect you ! 馃槉
diablo46-50, M
Me thinketh you're much closer to bedtime than I 馃 That dirigible holding the plant is the coolest thing everrrrrrr! 馃槀
@diablo That's actually the lampshade, the angle of the picture mskes it look like it's holding the plant lol.
diablo46-50, M
@Foxes Ahhh a wee optical illusion lol
I was imagining it to be a dirigible that floated throughout Casa 馃 馃槅
AngelKrish26-30, M
After I saw your room i realised I need someone to decorate my room and house,so it will look beautiful 馃ぉ
Love the lighting. I have little lights too
@Bexsy They're so pretty and they make a room more relaxing.
@Foxes i agree completely. A lot of times that's the only light I want. It's how I get my mind to finally relax
Livingwell61-69, M
Love the old bed frame. Fitting for you
@Livingwell It's practically an antique now lol.
Livingwell61-69, M
@Foxes It's beautiful like you.
deadgerbil22-25, F
That's a nice room
@deadgerbil That's just the tidy part. 馃槄
deadgerbil22-25, F
@Foxes mine is a mess
@deadgerbil Same, I don't have the motivation to clean up atm.
soulshadow36-40, M
I can't wait either.. don't worry I'm a gentleman and keep to my side.
Oh, yes. That looks [i]very[/i] inviting. Mmmmmm..... 馃ケ馃槾
deadteddy26-30, F
You have a lovely room
@deadteddy Thank you. 馃槉
Ducky31-35, F
Your bedroom is epic! 馃ぉ
@Ducky Aww thank you. 馃槉
sarabee199526-30, F
My cozy bed is about a week away. 馃様
Livingwell61-69, M
Romantic lighting too. 馃槏
Quimliqer70-79, M
Enjoy the decadence!!
NerdySoph26-30, F
Looks divine!
Looks cozy鈥︷煒婐煉
Sleep well
XDHyperGirlXD131-35, F
Steals your bed its mine now

You get it back on 1 condition 馃槼
diablo46-50, M
diablo46-50, M
iamonfire69641-45, F
That is such a pretty room

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