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Do you have family members that try to force you to dance at every single stinking family function?

Especially weddings. Oh my god I don't dance. I am not a dancer and I definately don't dance around in front of other people unless I drink a metric crap ton of liquor. Sheesh two years ago a cousin of mine got married and she and a few other family members tried to bring my grumpy cat self to dance with the others. I said fine. Stood for a minute on the dance floor and went back to the table and drank. GAHHHHHH I AM NOT A PERFORMING MONKEY! THIS MONKEY DOESNT DANCE MONKEY DANCE TO THE ORGAN GRINDERS SONG. I have another wedding to attend this summer and they best believe I'm not dancing.
LyricalOne · F
Yeah, it’s especially embarrassing at funerals. So wrong. ⚰
Neurotoxin · 31-35, M
and I sure as hell am not participating in the mother franking horah dance
@Neurotoxin is it a Jewish wedding?
Neurotoxin · 31-35, M
@SStarfish oh yeah
@Neurotoxin i know that step and the miam too (however thats spelled) 😄😄
Neurotoxin · 31-35, M
@waleskinder Hell on earth
funny as shit !
i dont dance.. full stop.
just perv on the gals who do dance ;D
Neurotoxin · 31-35, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Oh hoooooo no not at my family functions hell no. You even get caught looking and it's like oooh so you like them? When are oyu getting married? When can we expect grandchildren?
my reply.. do i get to taste the milk before buying the cow? oO
Lol nobody forces me to dance but i dont really mind.. Maybe pratice? 😄😄
caccoon · 36-40
Luckily I don't go to family functions. :D

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