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The SW Short-termers

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I get to meet new people in here, and then 1-4 weeks later - "This user is no longer a member of Similar Worlds"

I am curious as to why they would leave so quickly. It took me some time to find nice people to chat to. You ain't gonna find then Day 1.

If any newbies read this, patience people!!

PS I put this under the "Dating and Relationships group as SW is about building friendships and relationships.
Now I'm gonna make a lot of assumptions here but...

I've noticed many male users that arrive, then leave not long after .

In fact, id say it's almost a 'type'

Personally, I imagine tjey are married men witj secret accounts, or secret desires tjat they are afraid people will discover.

So they come , they hunt around for what they want....and leave before anyone on their RL has any chance of discovering tjeir little secrets .
@OogieBoogie We are all guilty.
KyleRenn · 31-35, M
@OogieBoogie Probably pretty accurate.
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
@OogieBoogie yep online for secrets, nothing harmful just embarassing.
Its not always a nice place. You can build a relationship with someone and you think its good till you find out that it really isnt.
IceCrystal · 26-30, F
Well it's my first day here and I don't plan on leaving soon. I do like it here but I can understand that some people could be freaked out about the sexual content though.
IceCrystal · 26-30, F
@nevergiveup I was on EP years ago. I switched to here when it opened but this is a new account. I had left for a long time. I loved EP. It's fun here too.
@IceCrystal I still think EP was better
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
@IceCrystal You came here first on 'April Fools', well ain't that auspicious
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
You start here and you find out what is really happening and you leave.

For instance. There are certain types that many find objectionable. So they start blocking. Then they find out there's a 500 block limit and they are close to that limit. Bye bye they're gone.

Then there are those that think they are not monitored and are surprised when their posting abilities are slowed down when they post something controversial. Bye bye new user again.

Then there are the trolls that seem to have endless number of accounts. Bye bye new user again.

I have been on here for over four years. I block no one, I mute no one. I filter no one.

It takes that type of user to remain here. 🤷‍♂️
This is the first time I’ve noticed you. You must keep your head down . @DeWayfarer
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@nonsensiclesnail oh this is funny! You don't know just how funny. I've got one political post here that's been kept alive since the 26th of January! And still is active. 🤣
@DeWayfarer that’s like. 9 whole days. 😁
Happens too often. Has undermined what might have been a promising relationship for me, and no doubt countless others.

What to do. Some peoples first experience on social media is discouraging. Shame it flavors the rest of their attempts at connection.
Once bitten twice shy, but you wish they'd give it time.
@samueltyler2 Simply identifying with the OP.
Unsure if any one person can really remedy this.

It's left to the departing member.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
@SethGreene531 I did not intend to blame you.
@samueltyler2 Apologies, text is atrociously absent in tone. I read too quickly. I take your meaning, no worries.

MoonlightLullaby · 41-45, F
It took me 6 months to actually participate. I didn't really see much worth staying here for, but it just took particular people to draw me in. Three years into it, my record proves I can't consistently stay, and I also hate the changes here. However, I'm glad I played voyeur and checked into the Hotel Cali.🙂
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
@MoonlightLullaby Hotel California?
ReneeT · 61-69, M
You do notice that it seems like they are so interested in wanting to meet people but you never hear from them after a few days. Maybe they only have a one track mind and if you are not willing to get on it they get bored and leave. They're missing out
Callaghen · 61-69, M
2016 for us , experience project closed , similar worlds was born
1pebbles · 56-60, F
@Callaghen wow! It’s been five years!!! Where does the time go??
Everyone who doesn’t find what they need will leave. I’ve grown accustomed to this.
MartyK · M
Many people leave because they get harassed by rude persons permanently.
Carissimi · 70-79, F
They didn’t find what they were looking for, or it wasn’t what they expected.
I joined and haven’t been able to leave. It’s like Hotel California.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
Or you have a few chats then suddenly, no more. 😥
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1pebbles · 56-60, F
@chockaholic2020 you are a true and loyal friend, put a smile on ones face
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Viper · M
Yeah, it would be nice if they stay, but if they don't like it, then they don't like it. It's certainly not for everyone, and sometimes life just gets in the way.
Dusty101 · F
@Viper glad you've always been kind, fun and respectful, checking in on me!
Viper · M
@Dusty101 I'm very glad you think so 🤗

Also, you gonna stay around, no choice lol 😋 😁
daddybloke · 41-45, M
i think ifsome newbies don't receive instant stardom they are not interested its very hard to make friends if your a guy on here women don't want to chat or add guys and most guys don't come here to chat to guys ?
SizEmUp · 26-30, M
Lot of hit n run artists playing a roll and some people not feeling the vibe or just not their thing but it does suck when you get a good flow with someone and then bam just out
SizEmUp · 26-30, M
Hmm, I'd say lot of hit and run artists ya know. Try a profile persona and they dont get the desired response so they dump off and create a new one.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
It's even more annoying when they leave mid conversation without even a 👋
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MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
@chockaholic2020 exactly.
Callaghen · 61-69, M
yes i dont really understand why at all either, yes have seen them leave within the hour sometimes ?????
DavyPNW · 56-60, M
@Callaghen I can kind of understand people checking it out, but building friendships takes time
Galanr40 · 61-69, M
It happens all the time, similarly you send someone a message and never hear a thing back from them...
bartender · 36-40, M
You are right. Ep was better with regards to long lasting connections
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
@bartender To hear Bleedinglovelust one more time...
I get a lot on my friends list that leave the site and then i have to remove them. Some just say online weeks ago
notsure · 56-60, M
They are not genuine and often show their true intentions and get caught out
You’re so right—that’s a very good point. People burst upon the scene, under the impression they’re going to find a best friend or worse, the love of their lives—within the first couple of weeks. Next thing you see them posting about how [b]awful[/b](rude, unfriendly, “fake”, et al) posters are and announce that they’re leaving this “horrible” site. Most of us have seen it before. If they were otherwise nice, people wish them well, if they were mostly obnoxious they tend to get the “farewell and good riddance” send-off.
It is best to come with no expectations, and see what develops. 🌻
I've seen then leave withing 2 days its weird
MistahJ · 31-35, M
You guys get messages???
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
I have been here years.
1pebbles · 56-60, F
@samueltyler2 same here! Faithful friends! Support the other! Listen! Commiserate, compassion... you are among my faithful friends! Thank you!
TexChik · F
Most probably dont know how to navigate this site, and unfortunately its very common for people to create alt accounts to by pass a block, or to say nasty things to another member with out repercussion to their main account.
Doomflower · 36-40, M
Is that what it is for???
You [i]might[/i] find them day 1.

That's happened with me several times. It's a bit discouraging, but I still look forward to finding nice people to chat with.

I'm not a newbie, and I would enjoy talking with you.
Shipwrecked · 46-50, M
I'm not sure why some folks vanish so quickly...🤔 I've talked to a few that have simply disappeared.

(...maybe, their significant others disapproved of the online shenanigans?) I dunno... I wish them well.😊
luv2fish · 61-69, M
I've enjoyed making friends here as far back as when this was Experience Project. But you are right too many people come and go. Personally I like to make long-term friends.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
Yes it's happened to me several times.
Also I am sometimes in mid conversation when I suddenly get a message "you are no longer allowed to contact this user"
Strongtea · 22-25, M
I’ve noticed this too, some people seem to be really excited for a day and then it’s over and yeah gone in a few weeks.
I had loads in my cycle and slowly there profile went to an x i think the novelty wares off very fast
some leave but dont cancel there account and it just says on line weeks ago
Viper · M
Wait, how long have you been here? Your oldest question is less than a month old lol
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
I don't know about people leaving, but I wouldn't. Unless you asked me to leave
BBrendan · 46-50, M
Possibly people join looking for something, don’t find it soon enough and leave.
oldercanuck1 · 70-79, M
i do not know why if we meet and get along ,, i would keep in touch ,
MrGoodbar · 51-55, M
that's how SW works, some people stick and some leave
I know I decided to take a few months off here. Needed to regroup
not everyone gets a good experience, so some of them probably leave.
I'd expect alt accounts, but it's always hard to say.
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
I will be online a lot then give it a rest.
EmilyMom · 51-55, F
yes, happens alot you'll get used to it.
TheotherAndy · 41-45, M
I’ve noticed the same thing a few times too :(
TheotherAndy · 41-45, M
I’ve experienced a similar thing too
Just sent you a message. Hope that's OK? :)

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