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[b]How to make a man Happy:[/b]

[c=#003BB2]1.give him sex.
2.give him his personal space.
3.dont check his phone behind his back.
4.dont bother him during his personal time.[/c]

[b]to make a woman Happy you need to be[/b]

[c=#BF0080]1. a lover.
2. a companion.
3. a father.
4. a comedian.
5. a brother.
6. a plumper.
7. a master.
8. a chef.
9. a decorator.
10. a carpenter.
11. a mechanic.
12. a stylist.
13. a sexologist.
14. a gynecologist.
15. a psychologist.
16. a good listener.
17. a sympathetic.
18. a pest exterminator.
19. an electrician.
20. an organizer.
21. a good father.
22. creative.
23. intelligent
24. strong.
25. depended.
26. dependable.
27. warm.
28. tender.
29. understanding.
30. always honest .
31. attentive.
32. tolerant.
33. ambitious.
34. courageous.
35. passionate.
36. romantic.
37. athletic.
38. supportive.
39. chivalrous.[/c]

[i]and you need to :[/i]

[c=#BF0080]40. go shopping with her regularly.
41. give her compliments regularly.
42. give her gifts regularly.
43. give her alot of attention.
44. give her alot of time.
45. give her alot of space.
46. be very rich.[/c]

[b]and always keep in mind :[/b]

[c=#BF0080]47. she is always right even if she is not.
48. you are always wrong even if you are not.
49. its her business where you go and when you come back.
50. its non of your business where she goes and when she comes back.
51. never look at other girls.

[/c][b]and NEVER forget the following :[/b]

*arrangements she made long ago[/c][/center]
Uh. No. Just be a decent human and we can figure out the rest.
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
I know this is meant to be an exaggeration for humor's sake, but the sad thing is that it's not that far from reality.

That said, if you're an attractive man, you can easily skip 90% of these qualifications
RubySoo · 56-60, F
@TinyViolins some of them do!!! And many men dont listen. Communication between the sexes is dreadful. My husband still does stuff ( or doesnt) and says... ' i thought thats what you wanted' ....but he didnt ask or check...if hed said ' would you like me to (whatever)' id have thanks....
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
@RubySoo That would be grounds for leaving the relationship then, wouldn't you say? Unless their attraction to the man overrides the need for the man to put forth the effort
RubySoo · 56-60, F
@TinyViolins dont be ridiculous! No relationship would last more than a week if that was the attitude!!!

We will have this conversation again in 30 years when youve been married as long as i have and you can tell me what youve learned.
Good luck hunni x
Oh man. Who hurt you?
ItsGonnaBeOk · 26-30, M
@SW-User few sucky relationships and my bitch mom and sister
RubySoo · 56-60, F
So most of the list of what a woman wants... men dont want that too?
Men dont want dependable? Warm? Tender? Honest?
i'm guessing you haven't been in a lot of relationships
Tres13 · 51-55, M
RubySoo · 56-60, F
Maybe thats why many men fail at keeping women happy. They think they know what she wants them to be....but they dont actually have a clue.

Ask her....youd be surprised.
JarJarBoom · 41-45, F
I think its a lot to ask for to expect these 3 things from a man

10. a carpenter.
11. a mechanic.
12. a stylist.
Yes. Any other questions?

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