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Do you remember your first crush on a teacher?

[c=002673]I had gone to a Catholic school, so for me it was my ninth-grade English teacher: Petite and pretty Miss Pratt.
alan20 · M Best Comment
I didn't have one. I had great respect for my Polish piano teacher at college : a decorated war hero and yet one of nature's gentlemen.

IcyDragonflyB · 36-40, F
😄🤗 All my teachers were old or women.

Never had that.

I got all motherly kisses and hugs on my graduation day. 🤔 From the entire faculty.
helenS · 36-40, F
My maths teacher, that genius man. That man was really important – he defined true masculinity, to me.
Royrogers · 61-69, M
@helenS sounds very intriguing
helenS · 36-40, F
@Royrogers Yes but it's rated X. 😏
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@helenS I understand. 🤓
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
The school chaplain at our boarding school. She looked after me and my sisters over two Christmases when our parents were serving overseas.
Lilymoon · F
My high school history teacher.
I'll called him at home once and then hung up when he answered the phone. 🤣
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@Lilymoon @Lilymoon That must have been before caller ID. 🤠
Lilymoon · F
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@Lilymoon Whew!!! 🙄
AlwaySmilez · 22-25, F
His name was Mr Daven.. I remember his first name was Patrick because he used to be our schools groundskeeper and he would play hacky sack with the guys and do cool tricks on his bike .. then one day I came to class and he was in a suite n tie as my English teacher ..
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@AlwaySmilez So, he wasn't much of a teacher, then?
AlwaySmilez · 22-25, F
@ProfessorPlum77 I don’t think so.. school probably just needed a filler
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@AlwaySmilez The sad state of education.
yep, she was my math teacher in 4th grade. i think she and the whole class realized i had a crush on her. mostly the days i wore sweatpants. 😂
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@CarolinaCrushDaddy Fourth grade! Wow.
sunnylife20 · 18-21
My middle school Art Teacher. He would keep me after school a lot.He always needed his brush clean 💋🥰
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@sunnylife20 [c=002673]Interesting. 🤓 [/c]
SammyJo · 51-55, F
Certainly not a crush, but I had 2 fantastic teachers - English and Biology - that I admired. Some of my fav subjects at school and they both, in their own ways, made the subjects interesting. Always did my homework for them! French? Pfft! But, those two? Yep.

Both female teachers.

helenS · 36-40, F
@SammyJo You neglected French! 🤨
SammyJo · 51-55, F
@helenS Plaise! No, just I preferred those subjects when I was younger.....I learned about languages when I got older....

ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@SammyJo Very good! 🌹
exotic · 22-25, F
no, they were all really old and ugly...or just ugly
BarbossasSpouse · 36-40
7th grade. His name was Kenneth and he was the gym teacher. The very fit gym teacher. Bald, lovely smile, pretty hands.
I actually learned how to write his name in hindu at one point.
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@BarbossasSpouse You were on a first name basis with him? Interesting. 🤔
BarbossasSpouse · 36-40
@ProfessorPlum77 That's normal in Norway
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@BarbossasSpouse Oh, I see.
DrWatson · 70-79, M
My first teacher-crush was in the third grade. We had moved to a new town. Previously, I had been in a Catholic school with sisters in full habit as teachers.

But now I was in a public school, with a teacher with exposed ears!

I fell in love! 😂
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@DrWatson Yes, I know what you mean. All of my teachers were nuns until grade seven or eight when we had a nun for some classes and a male teacher for the others.
Yes. My 8th grade homeroom and English teacher. Gorgeous with long legs and she almost always wore short skirts or dresses. I often walked out of her classroom with my books covering my front.
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@BizSuitStacy I know what you mean. 🥺
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Yeah, girl gym teacher, she was tanned, blonde, big boobs and butt, big lips. She looked like a porn star tbh, she had a shit personality tho
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@Rolexeo Was she mean?
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Gaiia · F
I didn't have a crush, one looked good but wasn't a crush and he used to say I was pretty I liked that
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@Gaiia That's nice.
originnone · 56-60, M
Was her first name Penelope?
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@originnone No. Is Penelope Pratt a character from fiction?
originnone · 56-60, M
@ProfessorPlum77 No, I just thought it would be cool if Professor Plum had a crush on pretty, petite Penelope Pratt.....I need some rest....
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@originnone Oh!!! That's clever! 🤓
I completely missed it.
ArishMell · 70-79, M
No. I never had a crush on any teacher! Fellow pupils, yes, but teachers, no.
Rhode57 · 56-60, M
Never had a crush on a teacher . Never even liked my teachers . I hated school.
dakotaviper · 56-60, M
Yes. I was in 7th grade and she was a major babe.
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@dakotaviper What did she teach?
alan20 · M
Many thanks for the very unexpected Best Comment accolade !
WanderingThrough · 31-35, F
Yes. But eww, what was wrong with me? 😂
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@WanderingThrough No. You had a normal childhood.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
My 8th grade biology teacher....Mr. Kiamos.
tenente · 100+, M
my spanish teacher 😍 dreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaam
tenente · 100+, M
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@tenente What grade were you in?
TrunkZ · 56-60, M
@tenente 😲😲

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