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I think a miracle just happened!馃檹

The doctors told mum and my brother's fiance茅 that he doesn't need an ICD! That his heartbeat was irregular because he just couldn't settle down when tests were being conducted. He is ok and could be discharged tomorrow when his tests are finalised.

We now need to speak with my brother when he gets home that he needs to change his lifestyle. No more too much partying, smoking, drinking, etc.

Thank you for your support guys! It feels like a huge thorn was taken from my back.

That鈥檚 wonderful news! I鈥檓 so happy for all of you. 馃檪
That is great news. The real miracle will be if he changes his behaviours. That will likely be ignored by him.
@PoetryNEmotion don't be so negative. Good day.
@GunFinger I am realistic. There is a difference. Mark my words. You posted. I commented. Free will, girl.
OldBrit61-69, M
That's great news
SageWanderer70-79, M
I saw your post late last night and was going to PM you about the experience a family member had with an ICD. Anyway, this is better news and I hope he gets the support in order to make those lifestyle changes.
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@ShenaniganF00die lol..no MILs involved.馃榿
Domking61-69, M
Great news !!
May he remain in good health
Nitedoc51-55, M
Wow! That's fantastic! 馃尀
Fabulous! I have a friend with a similar issue. Whenever he goes to the doctor his blood pressure goes through the roof. After he has calmed down a bit, the blood pressure normals out.
Miram31-35, F
That does happen due to anxiety. But just to be safe, he should see a different cardiologist next time he gets ill.
@Miram that is the different one. I will chat with my mum about it soon.
Jenny123451-55, F
I鈥檓 so happy to hear this! I can鈥檛 imagine how relieved you all are!
lost21346-50, M
That鈥檚 great news!
pdockal56-60, M
Yay! That's terrific news! I went to see cardiologist today also.. good news as well! My heart is healing itself! It's a good heart day!
@Bang5luts congratulations!馃檹馃コ
@GunFinger thank you love! I'm excited! I'm going to go get gym membership in a few minutes! I'm so excited
NinaTina26-30, F
Great im glad to hear馃尀
empanadas31-35, M
Wow im glad everything went okay for your family i wish your love ones health.

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