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If you close your eyes what do you see?

I see blackness but sometimes I see a white light but I know people who see loads of colours 馃

I鈥檓 intrigued what others see?
Convivial26-30, F
I read once those flashes are caused by cosmic rays darting through the eyes... Don't know if it's true or not
Oh ok interesting @Convivial
i see shapes and shadows.

When i worked for a brick manufacturing company i swear to god that for the longest time whenever i closed my eyes i just saw walls of bricks and when i dreamt i even dreamed of bricks.
Oh god that couldn鈥檛 of been nice @Lostpoet
Usually blackness, kind of a red hugh during the day.
Yeah mines normally blackness but sometimes when I meditate I do see colours mainly white and not so often I see symbols don鈥檛 know what they are tho @Tiredish
@LittleTinks Can you draw or find the symbols? Itd be interesting to study.
They come so quickly sometimes I can even see them to draw them but if they do come clearly I will definitely do that @Tiredish
Anthracite color

Something like this, but sometimes with a yellowish tinge

Yeah same as what I see @CrazyMusicLover
pride4931-35, M
Usually an imprint of whatever I was looking at before
330GTC56-60, M
When I close my eyes I see very large bosoms
helenS36-40, F
When I close my eyes I see noise.
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