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馃槍 i have a long drive I'm chillin in the backseat and bored. So, let鈥檚 chit chat 馃槍馃槍馃挄
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If y鈥檃ll don鈥檛 do a whole number you鈥檙e getting skipped and you can stay mad about it 馃き because y鈥檃ll always complain about getting skipped. 馃槡鉂わ笍
nightjourney31-35, F
@Stark just ask then a wierd ass question
@nightjourney no they don鈥檛 deserve that

@FreeSpirit1 pads or tampons ?
FreeSpirit151-55, F
@Stark tampons
@FreeSpirit1 I use both because I鈥檓 afraid of leakage but yeah tampons are superior.
fine, 49 'cause you keep being boring 馃檮
@BlueVeins actually yeah in my middle/high school days 馃憣 me & the homies used to drink, smoke, then murder each other on that shit 馃槄 but ODST was my favorite for the co-op
@ChiefWalksWith40oz it might be the nostalgia talking, but i fully believe that Reach was the best FPS game ever made. Not the best Halo game, the best FPS game period.
@BlueVeins my best friend would agree with you on that 馃憣 I honestly never played that one much because I didn't have it though 馃槄
@Stark Mmmm probably a book about poetry for my old creative writing class in sophomore year of college. I never read books; I find it very hard to focus on them, and they're rarely stimulating for me.
@BlueVeins I love poetry
@Stark I was always shit at poetry, but it was always interesting to me.

And I hope you have a safe trip!
@Stark only a box of wires, and dog hair 馃槵馃槵
@Stark it seriously is ahahaha
Lushi36-40, F
@Oster1 why what's so special about 52? Are you playing cards?馃ぃ
@Lushi Lot's of things! 馃槈馃檪馃尯
Lushi36-40, F
@Oster1 Message encrypted.
52 Soldiers will be ready on the 52nd day on the 52nd street.

Deliver 52 ASAP
Lushi36-40, F
Lol assuming the long drive is over..

I wud have said number 7
caPnNathanael26-30, M
@Stark one called All Tomorrows.

It's a speculative story on how humans would be if they were scattered around different worlds and evolved to adapt to their environments.

Unfortunately it only exists as a pdf
@caPnNathanael wth that sounds crazy interesting. Howd you come across it if it鈥檚 only pdf? They should make a
Movie of this.
caPnNathanael26-30, M
@Stark I think I first heard someone narrate it on YouTube. Apparently, after it was written in 2006 has gained some sort of fanbase. The author realized this and plans to eventually re-release a physical copy... supposedly.

A movie would be cool. Or like a documentary but fake.
Fairydust46-50, F
@Stark coke.
@Fairydust it鈥檚 the same for
Me too. Pepsi is too sweet.
Fairydust46-50, F
@Stark I try not to drink it though.
DDonde31-35, M
Hi Stark
@DDonde hi donde. (: do you wear glasses or contacts ?
DDonde31-35, M
@Stark I do! I actually got a new pair of Raybans recently for when I want to look like I belong in Weezer.
But actually I legally need them to drive. I don't wear them all the time.
ronisme161-69, M
ronisme161-69, M
@Stark english would have been better. I remember handwriting was my worst grade for 2 years running. I got a "D" in handwriting despite doing hours and hours of practice.
@ronisme1 that鈥檚 how it is for me with math. I remember staying after school with my math professor to study and still failing my math test the next day. He was really nice and gave me a passing grade because I didn鈥檛 need the math for my major and he saw me trying. But I feel like math opens a lot of door ways for people career wise which is what I always wanted. 馃ゲ
ronisme161-69, M
@Stark and to me, i didnt even have to study at math, it came natural to me. Even in college. I did have problems with word problems though. I couldnt understand the question. If you gave me the formula , i got it easy
ronisme161-69, M
Where are you going?
@ronisme1 I did enjoy myself 鉂わ笍 just miss my family now that I鈥檝e left.
ronisme161-69, M
@Stark plan a weekend with them if you can
ronisme161-69, M
@ronisme1 why the sad face
@Stark It's a Christian metal band.
The song Mirror of Souls is good, but takes over 22 minutes. 馃
Bethlehem is good in my opinion and not as ferocious as some metal songs can be.
@Classified whoa the song is over 22 minutes long ?
@Stark Yes, approximately 22 minutes and 30 seconds.
@nightjourney Aw, that鈥檚 cute. I love cartoons tbh 馃き
nightjourney31-35, F
@Stark which one(s)
@nightjourney I haven鈥檛 really watched them in a long time but my favorite ones as a kid were Ed, edd, n eddy ans rugrats. I also liked the dumb ones like the regular show and some adult ones like boondocks, mr. Pickles.
Did you have any you liked as a kid?
@Nadie good choices I鈥檝e never heard of her but it has like a 94% rating 馃槰
@Stark 馃槺 You must watch it!
@Nadie I feel like I鈥檓 so behind in a lot of good movies and shows lol. I just started watching Bridgerton last night. It鈥檚 so much better than I expected. 馃拃
CharlesRomsey61-69, M
Are you "huggin and a-kissing with Fred"?
@Gaiia I would have never guessed that 馃槺 all are interesting. My mom
Loves crime shows she watches them all the time
@Stark what about you?
@Gaiia I watch everything from horror to romance 馃き currently right now I鈥檓 watching bridgerton idk if you鈥檝e seen that yet. It鈥檚 pretty good it鈥檚 on Netflix.
Turtlepower36-40, M
36 hopefully your drive is long over lol
@Stark Local Jan Blohm
@Ingwe I鈥檝e never heard of this person. What kind of music they do?
@Stark Afrikaans blues rock idk I just like it
emele26-30, F
emele26-30, F
@Stark Great idea for entertainment and hope you enjoy the journey!

I am taken, been with Hannah for 5 years
@emele is Hannah on SW?
emele26-30, F
@Stark She isn't but I show her things on here from time to time and talk about some of the interesting posts.
@Stark I'm dropping everything and travelling the world
@HijabaDabbaDoo omg I so would do the same. I love to travel鈥 and if I could I鈥檇 go around the world.
@Stark Definitely worth it. I'm making it a aim to travel to a new country every year. I travelled around for 2 months and it's genuinely the best decision I made this year
JesseInTX51-55, M
@Stark I have a few special friends here and a few away from here 鉂わ笍
@JesseInTX that鈥檚 nice you have a select group of special people in your life. Not everyone has that whether it鈥檚 online or offline 鉂わ笍
JesseInTX51-55, M
@Stark I鈥檓 a fortunate man for sure鉂わ笍
@Stark I am supposed to wear glasses but the power is very low that i can get by without them
@SW-User do you think you鈥檇 like glasses ?
@Stark I dont mind wearing them. Nothing against it 馃槉
@Stark Burned my hand on the iron. It's healed now, not even a scar 馃憤鈽猴笍
@Fluffybull ouch 馃槪 that sounds painful. When I was a kid I got burned worn an iron on my arm and it swell and there was a bubble on my arm with liquid. I remember it hurting so badly 馃ゲ
@Stark Mine wasn't too bad, just a red mark. It's gone now 馃憤鈽猴笍
@Stark scuba diving
@Jlhzfromep that鈥檚 so cool. I鈥檝e never done it.
@Stark I was an instructor in my spare time for a few years, teaching at a local dive shop and two years at a community college
Spumoni46-50, M
Spumoni46-50, M
@Stark barefoot
@Spumoni lol sameee I actually love the feel of grass and warm pavement on my feet
Spumoni46-50, M
@Stark The evening after I mow the grass, it feels so good
fulltimeworker26-30, M
@Stark sunny side up
@fulltimeworker OooOoo fuck that鈥檚 my favorite 馃ゴ馃槍
fulltimeworker26-30, M
@Stark really lol
@Stark In what context? Right now?
@Straylight I鈥檓 not sure that was just the question lmao 馃ぃ
@Stark Currently barefoot but I do love a comfy sock.
@StormRider favorite cartoon movie?
@Stark Heavy Metal
ginnyfromtheblock22-25, F
@ginnyfromtheblock what鈥檚 your favorite perfume ?
ginnyfromtheblock22-25, F
@Stark unfortunately it鈥檚 cloud by ariana grande heheh
@ginnyfromtheblock omggg I love that one I have that one and another one by her. I love the cloud one but the ari one is my favorite. At least I think that鈥檚 what it鈥檚 called 馃き it smells so good but I always get compliments when I wear cloud.
@alkynesoftrouble do you bite your nails ? 馃憖
alkynesoftrouble56-60, M
@Stark I did when I was younger..
@alkynesoftrouble I did too but then I stopped because my aunt told me how the salvia eats away at your skin around your nails. Idk if that鈥檚 true but it scared me as a kid and I stopped 馃槀 ever since then the skin around my nails rarely peel.
@DaveyWavey01 what鈥檚 your addiction? 馃憖
@Stark Custard Cream biscuits
@DaveyWavey01 interesting. I鈥檝e never even heard of those. But I鈥檓 sure they鈥檙e good. Like custard filled donuts maybe ? 馃
@MilitantIrishShepherd do you like curly, wavy, or straight hair ?
MilitantIrishShepherd26-30, M
@Stark All of them 馃槄 depends on the person, I guess
@vetguy1991 favorite dessert ?(:
vetguy199151-55, M
@Stark cheesecake
@vetguy1991 cheesecake is good af
@GainerDrew what鈥檚 your hair color ?
GainerDrew26-30, M
@Stark brown and boring haha
@GainerDrew lol
Brown is a nice color. People always make it seem like brown eyes and hair are so dull, but I think they鈥檙e cool because they come in so many different shades and they鈥檙e very much under appreciated
This message was deleted.
@geoam1 favorite cereal?
@geoam1 I like that cereal but I always pick out the raisins lol
@Hugmeplease favorite cologne?
Hugmeplease51-55, M
@Stark sauvage
@Hugmeplease idk what that is but I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 nice. Lol sounds expensive.
GabbySA818-21, F
@GabbySA8 would you rather be invisible or could fly ?
GabbySA818-21, F
@Stark invisible馃グ, you
@GabbySA8 maybe fly. Flying always seems fun but I probably would get cold since I鈥檓 so cold nature 馃槄
@Starcrossed do you wear a uniform ?
Starcrossed41-45, F
@Stark no, I work in a corporate setting. One might joke however my off work attire is like a uniform... usually I'm wearing leggings and a tshirt, add a hoodie when cold.
@Starcrossed omg same. I鈥檓 always on leggings.
I only know abt zero.
@JackJames favorite season?
@Stark Spring and fall. I don鈥檛 have one. Spring because it鈥檚 nice but still cool. Fall because I like the colour changes where I鈥檓 from.
@JackJames good choices. Spring is a nice feeling but the fall is beautiful and fun to dress for.
@DragonFruit do you prefer brown or blue eyes ?
DragonFruit61-69, M
@Stark I don't have any preference on eye color....I have to see something else in their eyes.
My Dad had brown eyes and my Mom had blue eyes (my own are a brown-green hazel).
@DragonFruit beautifully said (:
@Montanaman how do you feel about the phrase yolo?
@Stark I have always believed in yolo.
And indulge myself as often as possible. 馃憤馃憤鉂わ笍馃榿馃お馃槑
@Montanaman great mindset to have
@Ferric67 are you a student ?
@Stark I'm a student of life, just as we all are
@Ferric67 lol ok
@ClassicShooter do you use pads or tampons ?馃檭
@Stark none 馃榾I'm not a woman
@ClassicShooter lol what鈥檚 something you鈥檙e looking forward to?
@scooogy what鈥檚 your favorite cereal brand ?
scooogy31-35, MVIP
@Stark Kelloggs
@scooogy I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e had those
BBarker46-50, M
@BBarker what would be the first thing you鈥檇 buy if you won the lottery ?
BBarker46-50, M
@Stark A house on the beach.
@BBarker good choice
Lugubri056-60, M
@Lugubri0 do you agree with the phrase yolo? 鈥淵ou only live once 鈥
Lugubri056-60, M
@Stark Yes, take the chance when you can.
Punxi26-30, F
@Punxi favorite dessert ?
Punxi26-30, F
@Stark Fudge sickles
@rrraksamam apple or android ?
rrraksamam31-35, M
@Stark Android

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