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Who is a celebrity that you'd like to see as US President?

I think that Liam Neeson wold be one good pick. I can picture him being on the phone with a dictator, and him mentioning a certain set of skills that he's willing to use if they don't back don't from the threat that they're posing.
thisguy20 · 41-45, M
Ron Jeremy: there would be no question about his dick size or whether his hair is real or not
@thisguy20 politicians...there's just no end to those pricks
@thisguy20 Unfortunately, Ron is doing time for sexual assault.
alongalone · M
Greta Thunberg
[@alongalone "how dare you!"
Blondily · F
Liam because he's good at what he does plus he's younger than the last couple of presidents we've had.
@Blondily But Liam Neeson isn’t even American…
Blondily · F
@SW-User For that reason alone he'd be a good president. lol
Isn’t Liam Neeson Irish?
Corporalcolleague · 61-69, M
Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington
Leo Dicaprio
Jon Stewart.
Stephen Colbert.
And yeah, Liam Neeson.
@gol979 No, I'm pretty sure I'd know if I had suddenly switched sides and gone full right-wing fascist. Say hi to Benito Cheeto for me, would you?
gol979 · 41-45, M
@LordShadowfire "you disagree with me. You are a fascist". Honestly, so infantile. Anyway, enjoy your day, im off to demand you get injected and lock yourself down, pimp for war and the good right wing fascist i am 👊
@gol979 There are just so many things wrong with what you just said there, I have no fucking clue where to dissect them. You're a complete moron.

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