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After thinking about it seriously…

I have similar feelings about abortion and legalized prostitution.
In both cases I hate that the demand exists. But I think the woman* has to make the decision, no one else has the right to decide for her. And if she does decide to, it should be under the safest circumstances possible.

*I get that not all sex workers are women, but it should still be the decision of the worker—and only under safe circumstances.
At least if both were legalized it would be safe for all involved . Tax it and use those taxes to give legal sex workers health coverage. Just an opinion
@Chernobylplaygrounds That makes sense.
Scribbles · 31-35, F
I think there are pros. Legalized prostitution in a country that enforces standards so that there are consequences for abuse....and improves conditions. That can be a very good thing.

A friend of mine from highschool became a prostitute by choice for many years, until she got married. It was not safe for her. But she felt she had about the same control over her life as she would going back to work retail.

But we can't help minimum wage workers and keep children safe with the child labor laws we currently I have no illusions that it will stop people from abusing others when it comes to legalized prostitution. Because it won't. People will still get bought off. Trafficking will still happen. Abusers will always abuse. They just get sneakier when they are afraid of getting consequences for it.

I do think giving people more choices and tools to defend themselves and to safely leave if they want is a good thing. Regulations and making people in positions of power over another to abide by standards that don't abuse humans is important.
TheGreatLeveler · 31-35, M
I'm in favor of legalizing both, as long as it's equal across the board. Meaning:

- Fully legalized prostitution - no Nordic models.
- Inclusion of paper abortion rights for men.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@TheGreatLeveler Your cognitive dissonance about this issue is just unreal, there is no "double standard" when it comes to pregnancy. [u]Men can't get pregnant[/u], and most women don't get pregnant without the presence of penis, it's that simple. If men want to have sex with women, then they must accept the responsibility that comes with it, either wear protection or accept the responsibilities of becoming a Father. Seeing as men like you refuse to accept that responsibility, then the right to abortions must be absolute and legal. The days when women were chattel and the property of their husbands or Fathers are long gone, whether you like it or not...
spjennifer · 56-60, T

[quote]Only like <1% of unwanted pregnancies are a result of rape. So if low male rape statistics aren't an argument in favor of paper abortion rights for men, then I don't see how the low number of female rapes would be an argument in favor of abortion rights for women.[/quote]

If even 1 woman who has been raped or is the victim of incest is refused the right to abort the thing, then we as a society have failed miserably, do you not understand this??? Their bodies don't belong to the State nor to the male who impregnated them.
Moreover, according to RAINN and other groups that poll, two out of three rapes of women and girls go unreported, which brings any statistic about resulting pregnancies into question.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Yes, the decision of whether to abort or not should remain with the woman and her Doctor and for the Doctor, only to ensure it's done safely. As for legalizing prostitution, only if done like the Swiss and Germans have done it with the sex workers having a health plan with mandatory testing and trafficking still being illegal.
Ontheroad · M
I agree, it has to be the woman's decision... in both cases, and while I am under no illusion that legalizing prostitution would solve all the ills associated with prostitution, it would go a long way towards solving a good number of them.
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@LordShadowfire I wish he’d stay off my posts. He [b]never[/b] contributes anything that isn’t rude. 🤨
@bijouxbroussard I know, right? At first I thought it was just that he hated me, but no. He's like this with everyone.
MethDozer · M
@jshm2 "It"?
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
It actually freaks me out to think that a country like Mexico has just decriminalised abortion while the US has basically made it illegal.
@RodionRomanovitch Mexico and [b]Ireland[/b]. Two of the most Catholic countries on the planet, and their women have more civil rights than the U.S. The women here need to wake up.
Raaii · 18-21, F
You know, it's interesting. I was talking just now to someone who has worked with traumatized sex workers, who doesn't want it legalized because those people were traumatized, and I realize I'm basically in the same position. Because legalization would mean that pimps would have to abide by the same employment regulations as everyone else, and couldn't be the abusive pieces of shit they are now, but also because johns would have to behave themselves as well. And also, it would mean that sex workers could seek counseling without fear of being arrested.
@ArtieKat I'm saying I am in favor of legalization, because it would provide a better safety net for sex workers. Right now, because it's illegal, a sex worker can't report their employer for physical or sexual abuse, and can't report customers for the same. There's nobody looking after them to make sure they don't get diseases. I could sit here all day and talk about the horrible conditions sex workers live in, all because what they do is illegal. Legalize it, and it becomes much less horrific.
ArtieKat · M
@LordShadowfire I thought that was what you were saying but [quote]someone who has worked with traumatized sex workers, who doesn't want it legalized[/quote] threw me
@ArtieKat Ah. What I meant was that there's someone who shall remain nameless who expressed the opinion that it should remain illegal. Not me.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
I agree with you too

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