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Another IDIOTIC Biden saying.

During the debate, when Adolf Biden was trying to support ABORTION.

And if I’m elected, I’m going to restore Roe v. Wade.

Let me count the ways this is DANGEROUSLY senile.

1. Roe (Norma McCorvy) and Wade (Henry Wade, district attorney) are both DEAD. So ANOTHER case named Roe V. Wade is not going to appear before the court.

2. A PRESIDENT only appoints Supreme Court Justices. Presidents do NOT sit on the panel and vote. There is no way a court case can be restored if the people named in the suit are no longer alive. In law, that's a situation where there is NO ISSUE.

3. Senile Joe probably has never actually READ Roe V. Wade. But even if he were a constitutional scholar, (and he's definitely in the WRONG political party for that) restoring Roe V. Wade is impossible.

4. Joe MIGHT have scored some points had he promised to call for a Democrat Congress to give him an ABORTION ON DEMAND bill from both houses which would override whatever the states are voting on now. KKKlinton had that opportunity (since he had a DemoNazi controlled Congress.) But KKK didn't take such action.
4meAndyou · F
One has to wonder WHY ceding power to the states and to the people who reside therein is SUCH anathema to the Democrat/Socialist/Marxists. Is it because communists don't want the states to be able to Democratically serve their people? Or is it that a GIANT all POWERFUL central government is their goal, and having States with any sort of POWER or say in the law is a threat to the communist goal?
DogMan · 61-69, M
Roe v Wade could have been codified many times over the years, when Dems had
the white house and majority in the house and senate. But if they had done that,
they would not have been able to use it during every election. Only Democrats
are to blame, I do not know why we don't hear about that fact.
Northwest · M
Do you remember the confirmation hearings for all three SCOTUS justice under Convicted Felon Trump?

Do you remember the countless hours of questions/testimony?

Do you remember how many times Roe v Wade was mentioned?

Do you recall who else mentioned Roe v Wade during the debate on Thursday Hint: “What I did is I put three great Supreme Court justices on the court, and they happened to vote in favor of killing Roe v. Wade and moving it back to the states"

I can tell you came up with this argument on your own.
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Northwest · M
@Reason10 I'm going to skip the part where you proclaim yourself a Constitutional scholar, in caps. Because, you know, you're not.

You're basing your Constitutional treatise on your claim that the President said he was personally going to restore Roe v Wade.

So I would like to remind you that the case was brought on behalf of Norma McCorvy, against the State of Texas, in 1971.

SCOTUS ruled that the woman’s liberty right (right to control whether or not she is pregnant) is stronger than the state’s interest in the fetus’ life up until a certain point in the pregnancy. That point is the “point of viability” – when the fetus could survive on its own outside of the womb. After the point of viability, the state’s interest in protecting the fetus outweighs the woman’s choice to terminate her pregnancy. After the point of viability, the Court ruled, a state can prohibit women from getting abortions.

SCOTUS added that a state might regulate abortion based on reasons other than the concern for prenatal life. The Supreme Court said the state could justify abortion regulation based on the concern for a woman’s health, just not before the end of the first trimester.

So, while the ruling is referred to as Roe v Wade, that's not the actual law. You would be really silly, or a complete fucking moron, to believe that Norma was pregnant from 1971 until 1973. She had already given birth silly.

So, by convention, it's referred to as Roe v Wade.

Why did I bring up what Convicted Felon Trump said? Because he also used the term Roe v Wade. Not because he thinks Norma is still pregnant.

So when you say that President Biden is senile because he used the common expression "Roe v Wade", because, you know, they're both dead, certainly you don't mean that Convicted Felon Trump is also DANGEROUSLY senile, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Or that President Biden was suggesting that he's going to personally preside over SCOTUS. Because you know, you would have to agree that Convicted Felon Trump was also under the same delusion, when he was promising he would do the same, when he ran for President.

But it's not like you've demonstrate anything but the belief that by writing in CAPS, it makes you right.

And finally
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sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Instead we got someone who does not know what a woman is
Reason10 · 61-69, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout The country ABSOLUTELY dodged a HOLLOW POINT bullet in not getting Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia.
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