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Was inflation really 9% when Biden took office?

Biden keeps saying it was 9% when he took office.. Are people believing him?

Does he really mean 1.9%?
Thinkerbell41-45, F
He says whatever nonsense they put on his teleprompter. 馃檮
DogMan61-69, M
@Thinkerbell They will probably have written answers on the teleprompter during his

I remember Donna Brazil admitting she gave Hillary the list of questions before her
debate with Trump. Democrats call that "Democracy", as long as Republicans do
not get the questions.
Thinkerbell41-45, F

You know, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they broadcast the debate with a 5-second delay, so that they can cut off anything Trump says that they find embarrassing (such as mentioning Biden's teleprompter), and fill in the time gap with the moderator chiding Trump for going off topic.
DogMan61-69, M
@Thinkerbell I think for sure that will happen. That is why they don't want an audience.
Patriot9656-60, C
Joe Goebbles Biden. Tell a big lie often enough until people believe it.
Iflation was 1.3% when lyin biden took ofgice. One year later it was 9%
He鈥檚 making a vague claim. The inflation had bottomed out, as he was getting to office, due to the pandemic, and right as it was about to take off, due to the fed stimulus.

That cycle did not ebb until 18 months into Biden鈥檚 term, and then it started coming down.

That is beyond Biden or trump鈥檚 control

So MAGAs can chill, it鈥檚 just playing with words and politicking.

Presidents rarely have an effect on inflation.

Unless they do something like start a trade war with China
@LeopoldBloom You're talking about businesses like Amazon. They are rich because they cater to the whole country.
JPWhoo36-40, MVIP
@LeopoldBloom From what I鈥檝e read, unfortunately unemployment is a statistic that doesn鈥檛 affect the vast majority of the country. Even when times are tough most people keep their jobs. So if Trump were smart he would happily take the blame for high unemployment if it meant that he could also take credit for low inflation, that would be an excellent trade for him.

Politically, inflation is actually one of the worst sins a president can 鈥渃ommit鈥, because even if wages rise to keep up with inflation people will feel like they earned their raise just to have inflation eat it all up.
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He's inflating that number like a blow up doll. I'm pretty sure he meant 9% of the voting public supports or even likes him. But even that's inflated too.
Nope鈥 and all the lies of the left don鈥檛 change truth.
Nope...Biden is lying as usual. The runaway inflation started shortly after he cut off the XL pipeline and nixed new drilling leases. US had to go to foreign markets for oil and natural gas. That knocked over the first domino in the inflation line.

Next he'll be saying the 10+ million illegals that snuck across the border during his administration, were already in the country.
fanuc201351-55, F
No, that is easy to check! But his minions will believe it without question!
Actually, my source said it was 1.4 when Trump left office.
1.4%... but close enough for joseph Bidjong...
akindheart61-69, F
i am sure you heard his latest lies how that he beat Trump in 2 debates and so on and so forth...didn't happen except in his mind
Thinkerbell41-45, F

Something happened in his mind...? 馃

Isn't that a first?
akindheart61-69, F
@Thinkerbell well he does fall a lot you know...馃榿
It was 9% over the previous 12 months. As the current rate gradually drops, the 12 month rate will also drop. The rate current at the time was much lower.

Obviously, you have to specify the time period. For example, the rate is going to be very high if you鈥檙e looking at the past 100 years, and very low if you only compare with yesterday.
@DogMan Got it. Nothing is based on reality, it's just perception. That does have something to do with it, because at bottom, money is a shared illusion. But the inflation in 2021 had more to do with real-world events, like the disruption of supply chains from COVID and the Ukraine war. It's possible that prices will drop in response to Trump being elected. It's also possible that could trigger a stock market collapse as investors don't like instability and uncertainty, and Trump will definitely bring both as he did in his first term.

The national debt isn't an issue as long as inflation assures that money borrowed today will be paid back in cheaper future dollars. A prolonged deflationary period would have the opposite effect and would be disastrous.
DogMan61-69, M
@LeopoldBloom Correction, the Ukraine war did not start until 2022.
@DogMan Inflation was pretty bad in 2022 as well. That's also when COVID pretty much ended and supply chains started up again.
One thing I can tell you for sure - I am MUCH better off now than I was four years ago! So is everyone I know!!

We are MUCH better off than when 22 million jobs went up in smoke!!
badminton61-69, MVIP
When did Biden say this?
Patriot9656-60, C
@badminton lyin biden has repeated it in speeches at least twice in the past week and has said it before at least once in an interview
badminton61-69, MVIP
@Patriot96 Inflation is caused by corporate greed. Inflation is nothing but price gouging. They are jacking up prices while making record profits.
badminton61-69, MVIP
@Patriot96 I have never heard Biden say 9% inflation.
Mattypp56-60, M
He warned it would rise
Workerbee31-35, M
I don鈥檛 believe anything he says, but hey some people will continue to do so 馃槀馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔
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Paladin56-60, M
@DDaverde No, that's just the lies that the trump cult put out. Don't fall for the propaganda.
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