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Suppose Trump was proven innocent on all indictments...

Poll - Total Votes: 51
Yes, I'd vote for Trump if he was totally proven innocent on all charges.
No, Even if proven totally innocent, I'd never vote for Trump
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Would you vote for Trump instead of Joe Biden?
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TexChik · F
I will vote for him no matter what. Kangaroo courts will not keep Trump down
PatKirby · M

Exactly. These charges are designed to frame, railroad, embarass, and humiliate Trump whose verdict is already decided long before the Kangaroo courts even start. The ultimate goal is to stop Trump from running again at all costs because the fear of losing everything the corrupt establishment has built is so deep they'll do anything, legal or illegal, to remain the criminals they are.
False dichotomy. If Trump was proven innocent, I'd still vote Biden because he's the better choice. But I wouldn't say I'd never vote for someone, it depends what the options are. Trump would be a better choice than DeSantis.
accidentprone · 22-25, M
@BohemianBoo You have already proved to be a false witness. I am sure you will continue on that journey
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@BohemianBoo OMG!!!

Don’t even joke about such an awful situation!
accidentprone · 22-25, M
He is innocent of all indictments. Why is he only now getting prosecuted by activist judges when no private citizen or company has sued him before. If his conduct is wreck less, he should have a record already, but the record just started after he was President and on course to be the President again after they stole it from him the last time.
accidentprone · 22-25, M
@BohemianBoo Well if you believe the laptop was accurate, then why do you not believe the messages involved with the Ukraine and China involving money transfers to shell companies eventually making there way to the Bidens?
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Kwek00 · 41-45, M
Why is he only now getting prosecuted by activist judges when no private citizen or company has sued him before.

You are aware that in the last 30 years, he was involved in over 4000 lawsuits right?

eli1601 · 70-79, M
Prosecuters are supposed to prove guilt, not innocence.
You mean supposed we lived in a magical unrealistic fantasy?
Theyitis · 36-40, M
Nobody gets “proven innocent”. If you get acquitted that just means that 100% of the jury didn’t agree that you were guilty.
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
I've been voting since 1980. The Republicans have yet to give me any reason to vote for them.
accidentprone · 22-25, M
@Crazywaterspring They do give you a reason, but they do not follow through.
@accidentprone jokes
when no private citizen or company has sued him before.
Trump has had HUNDREDS of court entanglements; mostly building contractors suing him for non-payment. They are called 'mechanic's liens.'

Trump was more legal to have them
The crime was not returning them when National Archives requested they be returned. Pence also had documents; Trump was the only one who conspired to move the docs to hide them from searchers; then conspired to destroy security video of the moves.

Joes dealings with foreign nations receiving millions of dollars of cash
The Republicans in the House Oversight Committee with their teams of investigators hav spent the last nine months trying to get the goods on Joe Biden for their impeachment investigation. And YOU have what they've been searching for!!

How is it that you found what all the lawyers and professionals couldn't?? That's AMAAZZINGGG!!! Or maybe you've deceived yourself.

that the laptop was proven to be really Hunter's
Wrong. Some of the data on the laptop was proven to be Hunter's. Much of the data couldn't be verified. And, of course, there are YUGE chain of custody problems; that's why the House Oversight Committee doesn't talk about the laptop anymore.

@Kwek00 @BohemianBoo
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@ElwoodBlues The “laptop” would be laughed out of any court except maybe Cannon’s or Thomas’s.

JK: it would never be admissible in any court. Too many chain of custody failures—right Rudy The Red Nosed?
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
Trump has the best Mugshot that would backfire the swamp
Northwest · M
i wasn't going to vote for Trump, based on his record in the office, his behavior post 2020 elections, and his future plans.
RedBaron · M
Commenting anyway because I can. No way I would ever vote for Trump.
Iwillwait · M
Innocent or not, he will not get my vote and I'm conservative.
Americans have no politics. The president has the same right wing politics no matter who it is. The population is so disingenuous that it can be heard laughing and crying at the ecocide that resulted.
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
I might vote for Tiffany Trump, but probably not
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Fairydust · F
Ynotisay · M
@Fairydust Thanks for representing the second part of my comment. Good to have some context.
Fairydust · F

Sorry I laughed at your comment, (first one).

Couldn’t resist a gif…


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