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Should I be a capitalist or not? I support traditional family values and marriage.

Most people who are called "conservative" in the USA (where I live) support all the based trad values I do. They also support capitalism and votes for the party (the republicans) who have more free market principals than the left party. This makes me wonder why those two things go together in America, and if they have to? I don't wanna say "down with the capitalist system" so quick, because if i'm wrong, I could be damning a really good thing. Plus the last motherfucker to do that was Karl Marx, and it ended pretty fucking bad.

That said, as a laymen who's only economic credintials was passing econ 101 in college, I just don't see why capitalism has to be the best for a world where monogamous homogenous marriages are the standard, and s3xual degeneracy is put down. The love of money is the root of all evil, so how would a system that establishes it's hierarchy based on how good one is at obtaining money produce a good society? It seems to me that the promotion of everything I oppose is often pushed BECAUSE it makes a dollar. Sex sells, purity doesn't. I hate cultural marxism, but is not cultural capitalism also degenerate? Cultural marxism seems to promote low birth rates, polyamory, and gender confusion, but cultural capitalism seems TO ME to promote this as well.

So, what system if the best for influencing the culture in a moral direction? Fascism? I
Penny · 46-50, F Best Comment
capitalism is what made the US as great as it is. of course everything has its positive and negatives to it. i dont think capitalism has that much to do with sexual morality although the whole sex sells thing might influence society negatively so maybe thats a case against capitalism. if people werent prostituting their images to make money maybe wed have less bad influences. still, i think getting rid of capitalism would be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. traditional family values still exist and marriage as well but they are being challenged by liberal thinkers i think. so id say the enemy is not capitalism so much as the people who push things like LGBTQ+ acceptance (and all teh other "deviant" sexual mores that go along with it) just embracing things like fetishism and stuff like that, polyamory, just general openmindedness to relationships outside teh traditional nuclear cis marriage model.
@Penny I think a lot of those christian values are just common sense values tho. Like, Japan for instance is one of the most secular nations in the world, and yet they encourage being married and having a family (at least they did when I checked; things may be changing but I hope not).
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SatanBurger · 36-40, F
You're not going to influence people as a society, they're going to do what they want. The only way to try to do it all collectively is to force people.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@BRUUH Your whole argument is that children do better with solely traditional based monogamous marriages but as compared to what? Most studies done that compare monogamy with other relationships are strictly polygamous. Polygamy is related to religious institutions by which children and women don't fair well when attached solely to religious fervor, we didn't fair well back in the days of the traditional monogamous Catholic church either when they used to arrest and hang us for having miscarriages.

Alternative relationships like LGBT+ couples, polyamory or open relationships, there's never been (larger controlled group) studies done on a large scale but the studies that are there about polyamorous individuals indicate general overall happiness and a longer time that they are with their spouses. I also gave that link before of 2,000 plus people. And the studies done on LGBT couples indicate that children tend to do well the more support they have and the children in those households faired the same.

Below are 75 studies concluding that children of gay or lesbian parents fare no worse than other children:

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SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@BRUUH You're basically saying the studies that show monogamy vs polygamy are the same exact thing as same sex marriages vs. monogamy or open relationships vs. monogamy is wrong, particularly when polygamy is actually practiced by conservative Christian and Muslim communities and very rarely by liberal people. The studies that show monogamy and polygamy are simply not the same as same sex marriages or the various different poly/open relationships. The ONLY studies done on this involve polygamy, it's misleading to trap it all as one narrative, that's your opinion, not a fact, there's a difference. It may be a fact that polygamy could be bad under cultural context of religious ideals and a hierarchy, it may not be a fact when applying the many different facets of human relationships open or otherwise within western culture, not the Middle East or Christian enclosed compounds in the United States who practice polygamy the most.

That study you posted a picture about in the first one, I don't really get where that contradicts anything I said, it literally says towards the end that kids raised in a lesbian household did not exhibit psychiatric problems and faired the same as those raised in heteronormative ones, there's a sentence that literally says that.

Also in the second one, it did say that the kids faced peer pressure but that's anti gay people's fault and not on the gay person's fault that people don't accept them because they're gay. The study also said those kids were fiercely protective of their gay parents so it obviously shows that there's love between the families. It's not LGBT people's fault that you (not you, people like you) can't accept them, that's a "them" problem. Not anyone else. This has no bearing on the qualities someone has to raise their child and understand that if they have those good qualities to begin with, any bullying that someone does to bring trauma to a gay person's family life is on the bullies, never the couple.
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Just make your own mind up and ignore people- people usually have varying views.
gol979 · 41-45, M
Its because they are the different sides of the same coin. State controlled "capitalism" and "scoialism" are pretty much the same.

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