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Should there be more brothels in the US?

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NeuroticByNature · 41-45, F
No but Ill vote yes just to be contrary.
No there should be more faithful husbands
Snuffy1957 · 61-69, M
Northwest · M
@sunriselover [quote]No there should be more faithful husbands

These are different topics. When people commit to a monogamous relationship, that's what it means.

Humans being what they are, some will cheat. Access to sex workers is not really what makes them cheat.
There is an obvious demand for it and no reason for us to outlaw it, doing so is simply using the law to apply someone's personal version of morals. It also provides an outlet for those needing some really strange stuff.
Bumbles · 51-55, M
Nothing wrong with legal and regulated prostitution, but I think some people may be a tad naïve about how much it will solve.

Making prostitution legal won't end human trafficking or abuse of vulnerable women. Criminals stay hidden. Women with STDs like herpes or HIV or those who are drug addicts won't be able to work in regulated brothels, nor those without proper immigration paperwork. Johns don't want to present ID either.

Just my 2 cents...
LordShadowfire · 46-50
@Bumbles It won't prevent human trafficking, but it will provide a legal, consensual alternative to patronizing your local human trafficker. I feel like it's at least a start.
Northwest · M
Prostitution should be legal, and regulated. Only pimping should be illegal. Morality should not be regulated by the government.
LordShadowfire · 46-50
@Northwest Exactly. Pimps are the part of the sex industry that need to be erased.
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
Nah. Earth girls are easy
HumanEarth · 56-60, M
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
OK. You caught me
HumanEarth · 56-60, M
I didn't catch shit, my net has holes in it
Snuffy1957 · 61-69, M
Yes, No... oh Hell I don't know
Raaii · 22-25, F
[c=800000]why really [/c]
LordShadowfire · 46-50
Before we open more of them, we need to pass laws regulating how the prostitutes are treated.

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