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If convicted for Insurrection, should Donald Trump still qualify to be on the Presidental ballot?

Donald Trump, convicted or not, should be assassinated, and the sooner the better.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@independentone i’d rather see him croak in an unfortunate way, such as on the toilet or choking on a big mac.
@trollslayer How about torturing him and his entire family? Put it on pay per view, would certainly be fun to watch
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
quite frankly, anyone who calls that an "insurrection" and/or thinks protesting an obviously rigged election is a "threat to democracy", should have their citizenship revoked and be deported...
Carissimi · 61-69, F
As there was no insurrection that would be a travesty of justice.
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trollslayer · 46-50, M
Nothing says he cant be in the ballot. What is in question is if he can hold office. To that i say no.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@Disgustedman [quote]no I got you pegged right.[/quote]

Do you really want to do some pegging?

Do you denounce and renounce every word in the Jewish Babylonian Talmud?

Do you agree with this statement? =

[b][i]All of the land of Israel is ours.
Yitzhak Shamir[/i][/b]

[b][i][c=BF0000]From the river to the sea.[/c][/i][/b]
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
@Diotrephes you support a nazi regime. That's all.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@Disgustedman [quote]you support a nazi regime. That's all.[/quote]

I don't know where you got that idea. Regarding the orange traitor, he is going full Hitler and wants to become a dictator like his other buddies. His ass-kissers are supporting him in his effort. However, the 14th Amendment is very clear. Two-thirds of each house of congress can forgive him of insurrection if he is ever convicted and he can then become President if enough dummies vote for him. He and his goons will then destroy America as we have known it.

Aren't you a trumper?

[b][i][c=BF0000]From the river to the sea.
Vin53 · M
He's qualified to be kicked in the face by mule.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@Vin53 indeed
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
The only reason this is still even an issue is because the Republican party has refused to say he wouldn't be considered.

The fact that they haven't indicates that if he starts polling big numbers they'd actually consider backing him.

Charges in waiting or not.
@Picklebobble2 There's your party of law and order.
justanothername · 51-55, M
Anyone with a brain would say No. but apparently brains are hard to get in Colorado.
@justanothername Actual post-ruling interview with the judge:
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
He won't be, he hasn't been and he never will be.
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
Only if he uses it as toilet paper.
He does NOT have to be convicted of insurrection for the 14th Amendment to apply. It simply says "takes part in". And he did.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@anythingoes477 [quote]The Republican Party is so banktupt of leadership or purpose they have no ability to vote 2/3 on anything....other that on something that will benefit the rich at the expense of the poor.[/quote]

All of the Repubs would have to vote as a block along with a large number of Dems to override a court decision against the orange traitor. IMO, the possibilitity of that happening is zero but the Repubs could call vote a vote.

[b][i][c=BF0000]From the river to the sea. [/c][/i][/b]
@Diotrephes A snowball has a better chance of surviving hell than getting a block vote from the House on anything anti-Con Man.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@anythingoes477[quote] A snowball has a better chance of surviving hell than getting a block vote from the House on anything anti-Con Man.[/quote]

The vote includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each would have to vote two-thirds approval.

[b][i][c=BF0000]From the river to the sea.[/c][/i][/b]
MasterLee · 56-60, M
When not convicted, should the left ever be allowed a candidate?
LittleBallOfFire · 22-25, F
I'd say no
Renaci · 36-40
They wouldnt even fine him for a Holocaust. Cause the US has no teeth.
@Renaci We weren't prepared for someone like him.
I'm saying no. The Constitution says no. But apparently, a judge said yes.
RageAgainstTheMachine · 36-40, M
@LordShadowfire Colorado has unleashed a proverbial "can of worms."
@LordShadowfire 14th Amendment

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