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My take on Trump's lawsuits

1) E Jean Carrol case - they found Trump liable here. That's not surprising. Had he treated the court with respect, and did not have his reputation as a womanizer, he might have persuaded a different outcome. Nonetheless, I am not surprised.

2) Federal documents case - In my mind he through his only reasonable defense out the window. At one time, he claimed aides just boxed up stuff and he didn't know what he had. Reasonable considering the chaos of his presidency. But there is plenty of evidence, on tape, that very clearly shows he knew he had stuff he was not supposed to have. I personally think he did not want to relinquish it because it would diminish his ego. He LIKED the power of having classified stuff. And not having it meant having to admit to himself that he lost. I think Trump is screwed here.

3) Federal Jan 6th case - I think there is a desire to hold someone accountable for Jan 6th, but this is in no way a "witch hunt". We clearly heard the rhetoric, and clearly saw the videos. Here is Trump's chance to prove his claim the election was rigged, but I expect nothing. If he can't prove that that, then I think he is screwed on this case. Defense will say that Trump did not specifically tell folks to storm the capitol, but the prosecution will argue that Trump had a sole responsibility to stop the Jan 6th events but did not. It's like giving a pyromaniac matches and gasoline, and then claiming, "but I never told him to burn the building down". Won't fly.

4) Georgia election case. To me it hinges on the "fake electors". Were there "fake electors"? Check. And fake electors don't just decide on their own to be fake electors. There had to be a plan and organization. Whether they find Trump was atop that plan is the question. My guess is his co Defendents will sing when offered deals.

5) Fraud case. To me this only exposes a broader problem with the real estate market that has been going on for over a century, and Trump is not doing much different than countless other real estate developers. I don't feel bad for Trump here, but I do get a sense that part of this stems from a bitterness towards him personally. Maybe if Trump had not been a Jerk to everyone for decades there would not be so much bitterness.
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Donna15 · 41-45, F
I agree with you on this, he has done things that only fuel the fire he’s in.
He was elected because he wasn’t a politician but in that was a problem. He still acted like he had always done in the private sector. Hired and fired people in record numbers and didn’t want to listen to any of his staff. He didn’t know how to not speak/text/tweet and this was his greatest fault.
Regardless what happens in the 2024 elections the GOP will suffer impart to him.
What will drive Trump over the edge is that Trump was dropped from the wealthiest 400 Americans by Forbes.
Evidently Trump lost over 600 million last year, or were his fraudulent estimates just exposed and corrected?
Ynotisay · M
My take from Day One is no prosecutor would bring a charge unless they were sure it was a slam dunk. Too risky. So I"m sure there's a whole lot more they could have gone after him with but decided no to. Right now it all comes down to timing. He's trying to push the secret documents case back until after the election. Won't happen. The idea of him actually regaining the Presidency is ludicrous but it's all he has to go with now.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@Ynotisay Agreed. And I think they are "slam dunks". The only way I see these not resulting in convictions is if juries have cult members who refuse to look at evidence, or defense somehow convinces them that a former president should be held to a different standard.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
I agree with much of what you posted, though I think Trump's culpability in the fraud case is a question of extent. Yes real estate developers tend to shade the truth a bit, but the smart ones keep it within the realm of plausibility. Trump made obviously outlandish claims, like saying that his penthouse was three times the size it is, or that Mar-a-Lago should be valued as if it could be broken up and sold as individual lots, which was prohibited by deed restrictions.

There is actually a case 6 on top of these, which is the fraudulent payment to Stormy Daniels and campaign fraud. He was supposed to be deposed this week in that case, but he delayed it so he could go to Manhattan for case 5.

Case 2 is interesting because it is probably the most iron-clad case, but it is also being run by a judge that is totally in the bag for Trump and will do anything to get him off without consequence. We can't understimate the impacts of Judge Cannon putting her fingers and hands on the scale of justice and pushing down hard.
The problem with jerks were popular there’s no sooner did they lose 20 followers than 20 more seem to pop up out of the soil
As long as he can keep throwing lawyer money at these cases nothing will happen. As long as his cultists keep throwing money at him well I think we do the math
TrashCat · M
I have a feeling this post is about to get swarmed by botzombies😬
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@TrashCat See below
jehova · 31-35, M
New york is gonna destroy him for unpaid wages alone. Haha
i had to stop at 'my take'.... 😏
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