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The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Releases Climate Data The Media Doesn't Want You To see

Yo climatards...the planet is cooling

fanuc2013 · 46-50, F
I remember when the "experts" were predicting an Ice Age!
LeeInTheNorthWoods · 70-79, F
@fanuc2013 I remember when "The Coming Ice Age" was the cover story on Newsweek magazine in the late 1960s.
ShaneMckay · 41-45, M
@LeeInTheNorthWoods And the 70's!
@fanuc2013 Ice age , Ice smage, it’s those alleged “ experts” who are the problem, like the buffoon Kerry who Biden appointed as some climate czar or some nonsense, and oh yeah, let’s not forget the performance given at the U.N. by the “ expert” Greta.
Of [i]course [/i]they don't want you to see it. They can't milk global [i]cooling. [/i] They can't scare you with that, so there's no [i]profit [/i]in it.

[quote]“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

― Frank Zappa
@LeeInTheNorthWoods Your friend speaks the truth. I have a few friends in academia who say the same.
LeeInTheNorthWoods · 70-79, F
@BizSuitStacy Scary stuff. So much for free inquiry. There's a new Inquisition going on.
@LeeInTheNorthWoods Science is bought and paid for. Then any opposing view is censored. Insanity.
ron122 · 41-45, M
Anyone with a brain knows climate change is nothing but a money making scam for democrats.
TexChik · F
That's NOT the science they prefer. They want Greta's.
@TexChik Inconvenient truth
Confined · 51-55, M
They always told us in school we were headed into an ice age. We have warming trends and cooling trends that happen every million years or so. Been going on for billions of years.
@Confined Yep...when I was in grade school, the narrative was around "air pollution" and how it would block the sun, and lead us into the next ice age where everyone was going to die.
Driver2 · M
Exactly and your dam windmills are killing the whales 🐋
So much for saving the planet
Some places are cooling, yes. But didn’t we have record heat last year, the uk hit 40c + for the first time.
CopperFox420 · 36-40, F
Great news! Keep up the destruction guys!
jshm2 · 41-45, M
No it doesn't, read the data properly; don't cherry pick, you jackass.
@jshm2 Yeah it does, dipstick. Go back and learn 4th grade regression analysis.

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