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Should Trumpeteers leave the Republicans and form their own party?

I am thinking the Sith party would be an appropriate name.
RosaMarie · 41-45, F
There is already a name for the party. It was originally formed in Germany in the 1920s. They eventually got this guy named Hitler elected.
RosaMarie · 41-45, F

There is trust in psuedo science and mistrust of reputable, peer reviewed science on both sides. Here, I'll give you an easy list.

Anti Vax - With the exception of a few Berkeley liberals, this is a conservative trend.

Anti GMO - White privilege liberal for sure.

Climate Change Deniers - Conservatives

Government printing and spending money can fix economies - Liberal

Need I go on?

Back to the main point. Trump supported a coup attempt on January 6th where he wanted to secure power beyond the end of his term after losing the election. When that sort of behavior is done by the left, it's socialism. By the right is fascism. Thus a party in support of Trump would be fascist. Thus the comparison that I made.
@RosaMarie [quote]Government printing and spending money can fix economies - Liberal[/quote]
I find that a little simplistic, and inaccurate. Wasn't Trump trying to do that in the previous regime?
Oster1 · M
@RosaMarie I agree, to disagree, with your reply.
It would make more sense for the Republicans to kick [b]them[/b] out—if enough realize that the association isn’t a positive one.

Being connected with the GOP gives the MAGA crowd legitimacy, while [b]they[/b] do nothing to help the reputation of the Republican Party.
@bijouxbroussard I think even the less insane Republicans are afraid of what these people are capable of.
Cute, but until real Republicans step away from them, it won't happen and there's no reason for it.
TexChik · F
@MistyCee because you dont have a point where that is concerned. He has done nothing but oppose liberalism and believe me buddy, that's not a crime. And now you can predict the future? Or you are a mind reader? Do you realize how insane that sounds? Whatever he might do its guaranteed to be better than that moron and his puppet master you libs dropped on us
@TexChik I'm done here. see ya on another post.
@MistyCee @Carla @TheSentinel
There's no reasoning with TexTwat. Her strategy is to say stupid shit until you get angry and give her an excuse to block you.
autumn25 · 26-30, F
That or The Proud boy party 🌈
Slade · 56-60, M
@SW-User You'd love to get this old. You never will - a sordid end involving a bus station boys room, gerbil and a fentanyl laced dildo is your future
@Slade Sounds like you're speaking from experience. 😌 Keep chasing those bottom boys.
autumn25 · 26-30, F
@SW-User lol, he blocked me.
Republicans practically have to suck Trump's dick to be relevant in the party. Trumpists [i]are[/i] the party now. For better or for worse, Republicans are much better at keeping their party in line. Democrats have way more in-fighting.
Slade · 56-60, M
@SW-User Good. Hopefully mutual destruction
Budwick · 70-79, M
Sith - Driven by their emotions, including hate, anger, and greed, the Sith were deceptive and obsessed with gaining power no matter the cost.

That is SO democrat!
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@Budwick No mirrors in your house?
Budwick · 70-79, M
@trollslayer [quote]No mirrors in your house?[/quote]

Plenty of mirrors.
No democrats though.
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Those evil republicans who oppose pedophilia, child murder, and puberty blockers for 5 year olds. Neanderthals I tell you!
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
@Marga Poverty stricken areas are overwhelmingly democrat and low iq.
Slade · 56-60, M
@Marga Hey Nathan Bedford Forrest, those areas are the blackest in the country. So your saying blacks are the poorest and most ignorant of the population


As always, big mouth = tiny brain
PatKirby · M

[quote]Poverty stricken areas are overwhelmingly democrat and low iq.[/quote]

Yep they talk a good dog & pony show, but run states into the ground wherever they go.
Slade · 56-60, M
I am thinking you should play in traffic
Slade · 56-60, M
@PatKirby Something like that happened to an Antifa goon blocking a highway
PatKirby · M

Exactly, kinda like BrandyTiFa stopping highway traffic here...

Turn the volume up...
Slade · 56-60, M
@PatKirby I ❤️ the Ludacris cam!
There’s one that recently popped up… might have fizzled out already. A coalition of disgruntled people from all political stripes.
I just wrote the RNC, told them they weren’t getting any of my money until they let me hear the “pop” when they break suction, pulling their heads out of their asses!
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic Well you assumed. And you know that adage. Perhaps next time, ok?
@soar2newhighs I want to thank you for having the integrity to call out the RNC. If more Republicans said this, there would have to be movement.
@SomeMichGuy Appreciate your comments. Thanks.
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
Maybe so, they value showing Trump their loyalty over anything else and it may come to this.
beckyromero · 36-40, F
Bit too late for that; they're close to a majority of what's left of the Republican Party.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@beckyromero it’s great isn’t it
Taters · 41-45, M
oh man leave your Mom's basement and find out that Star Wars isn't real life.
I'd settle for letting them call themselves the Patriot party. They've already perverted the meaning of that word to the point where if someone says to me that they're a patriot, I brace myself internally for a monologue about Trump winning the election and Jews trying to replace us with immigrants.
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
When I open my integegrated circuit factories all over West Virginia I will refuse to hire them.@ShadowfireTheSarcastic
It kinda is already..
the Republican Party and GOP are desperately clinging onto trump voters now, trying to convince everyone they’re is still Republican Party voters, not MAGA voters. and they still control it .. lolz.
they know their days are up..
Ravens80 · 41-45, F
Move on for god sake he’s not even president anymore! Y’all have beat the hide off that dead horse already.
Ravens80 · 41-45, F
@SomeMichGuy I’m to busy working and living in the actual day! Tying to offset the cost of the current administration and its failures.
@Ravens80 *too
@Ravens80 No Democrat would care about Trump if he HAD gone away or been excised.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Since many of them see tRump as the "Second Coming" maybe they should call it the Christian Nationalist Party, then the actual Republicans might get more votes 😖
Marga · 18-21, F
Yes. And they should team up with InfoWars host Alex Jones.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@Marga Sado
Imsleepy · 26-30
I’d shift a letter or so around and it’d be more appropriate.
@Imsleepy You'd SHIFT "SITH" to "SHIT"?

Hmmm... ShitHeads Idolizing Trump?
LetsGoBrandon · 31-35, M
Only in a Cartoon Fantasies you have.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
Probably not. I think the damage done to the Republican name should stay with them. Maybe the milder right wingers can for a "Sanity Party" or something..😷
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
@MarmeeMarch Remember the "Edsel". Some brands just have to be thrown under a bus...😷
@whowasthatmaskedman I had to look up Edsel whats wrong with that - ? I guess it was uggo
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
@MarmeeMarch For whatever reason it didnt sell , and in the worst possible way. In spite of the model name being taken from a Ford family member. (Who calls their son "Edsel?") But Ford did what had to be done and took Old Yeller for a walk and killed it off.😷
astrosandorbits · 26-30, M
Man... this comment thread. Sad to see people so divided just like how they want us to be... believing only in left or right smh. Don't @ me
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
@astrosandorbits And thats America all over. Both sides in a tug of War that exhausts everyone and achieves nothing.. The middle path needed, and buried deep in the crap.😷
This message was deleted by its author.
@astrosandorbits People are divided because Trump took a line of development to an extreme and, among the many lies he told, STILL claims he won the last election, without proof.

This, and similar BS with the pandemic, etc., has created a situation where his die-hard followers will *never* accept a truth not blessed by him, even if it is right before them.

You can't have discourse when one side denies provable truths; you can have your own *opinions*, but when you try to make up your own *facts*, this is a level of unreality which can't be countered, and there ceases to be meaningful dialog.
Ravens80 · 41-45, F
You people are crazy.
@Ravens80 Yes.

Trump did not use his powers to make sure PPE & tests were available, come up with a viable distribution plan, or even tell the truth about the virus.

But we knew from 1973 that we needed to get off oil, bc its price fluctuates bc of OPEC, commodities traders, etc.

We didn't listen to Carter. We lost ~45 yrs...this isn't a surprise.
@Ravens80 [quote]I’m glad you assume to know me smart ass.[/quote]
Just basing my response on your behavior here. You're mad because people are still focused on Trump, when Trump is still having a huge impact on America. Therefore, I assumed you blindly worshipped him, as most people who behave like you do.
[quote]But obviously you show your hatred towards anyone that opposes you or your thoughts![/quote]
Why, because I tell you you've got a problem with reality after you opened with "you people are crazy"?
[quote]You would rather see people suffer and chaos in sue due to policy push throughs that aren’t even thought thoroughly through.[/quote]
Nope. That's why I didn't vote for Trump.
This message was deleted by its author.
SolveEtCoagula · 31-35, F
Fvck no, it's already a cult, I don't want it to be a cult that actually turns into a political party with more leverage than they do now.
theoldschoola · 41-45, M
There's already 1 party of the dumb. Why make a second?
But they come in pairs...
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@SomeMichGuy I figure that Trump is the "Anikin". The "Palpatine" is someone yet unknown. Should Trump get elected again, he becomes "Darth Trump".
SolveEtCoagula · 31-35, F
@trollslayer Darth Trump omg.
BreadAndCircuses · 46-50, M
Palpatine isn't as bad as MAGA
That sounds entirely too honest for them to take up as a name. 😆

To be honest, I don't care what they call themselves as they leave the Republican Party, so long as they leave it.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
No I think they should stay put, and just take over the Republican Party, OH, wait a minute
Oster1 · M
I have 'Disdain' for most Rebublicans, way more, than you ever did!
ididntknow · 51-55, M
The stupid democrat voters would rather live under tyranny
Nexus6 · 46-50, M
Did you mean *Shit party? If so, I agree.
They won the civil war already. Why change,?
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
This message was deleted.
redredred · M
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic it must suck to live your life denying absolute truth and the facts that belie you socialist crap. The national socialists were socialists. You’re stuck with them.
This message was deleted.
@LvChris I don't understand how that piece of shit still has an account. I've reported him for some blatantly racist stuff, but apparently the admins like that kind of thing. All they did was block him for me, so I can't keep reporting.
This message was deleted by its author.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
@MarmeeMarch No. He cannot win unless they [b]allow[/b] or [b]choose[/b] him to win.
Otherwise they will conjure up a storm so bad in politics and the world that will make your head spin son.
You have no idea. 🙂
@TheSentinel Just to be clear, I don't believe what I wrote, for the record.
This message was deleted by its author.

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