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Are Americans waking up in enough numbers now

I can鈥檛 wait for the dems to get 500 million votes in November when they and Biden鈥檚 polls are at 25% 馃ぃ

Cleanest elections since 2020 馃憤馃暫
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Biden can cheat till his face is purple he has absolutely zero chance of getting another term i dont really know if Trump will get nominated again cause of all the crap he is tangled up in but still Biden isnt winning a damn thing unless its a Bingo game at the old folks home
lispoiledbrat26-30, F
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout eyes are open, all i see is ppl going off their feelings and fake shit
not only did dead ppl climb out their graves.. they took the time to register.
And zuckerfucks drop box ballots have sweet fuck all chain of custody.. but what ever.

I didn鈥檛 even mention 2000 mules or dominion vote flipper machines..

You chose denial.. I look forward to your meltdown a little later when dems lose both houses
Just ask the parents who need to feed their children and themselves. Ask them how the significant rise in gas prices impact them. Ask young mothers how the IMO fabricated and exacerbated baby formula shortage is affecting them.
All problems planned and in effect by the current administration.
@Spunkylama Sure isn鈥檛 the cabal aka the Biden administration . They have an agenda and it鈥檚 not for the American people.
We have an administration that decries fossil fuels because they鈥檙e beholden to the climate change radicals, yet the buffoon is asking for oil from Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Blame whoever you want, but what you have now is a failure.
lispoiledbrat26-30, F
@soar2newhighs blah blah blah
ididntknow51-55, M
@soar2newhighs And idiots that put things like blah blah blah because their little brains can鈥檛 handle the truth, even if you spell it out in simple terms for them, there is no hope for these people, I鈥檒l put it this way, They will never have what it takes to be a detective
The recent numbers of accidents/ fires in food processing facilities are too easily dismissed despite their number and frequency. As a retired firefighter this seems to be a sudden trend ( under the current administration). I don鈥檛 recall this in the past.
Coffeequilt51-55, F
Wake not woke
I think so. Biden is hitting them right where it hurts....cutting into their beer and pot money, you know? If they can't drink and puff themselves into a stupor every night, then I assume they will wake up in great numbers....馃
sunsporter164970-79, M
One can always tell a liberal. One can not tell them very much, but you can always tell one
Still Democrats support this bumbling fool, they did not realise how good Trump was as president.
carpediem61-69, M
@nedkelly Democrats don鈥檛 vote with their minds. They are emotional voters. Their party understands that creating controversy and division is their greatest opportunity for success. And that explains why the country is so divided.
sunsporter164970-79, M
Stereoguy56-60, M
I don't understand your question.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Stereoguy Not my problem
@Stereoguy Gas prices, inflation
Stereoguy56-60, M
@nedkelly Thank you very much 馃檪
carpediem61-69, M
Not so sure. Some people are truly stupid.
Like not dying?
Might be too late. I hope not, but I think, when they do, they'll have a hard time catching up.
It's been the last straw every day since 1962, and yet no revolution.

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