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Pelosi Warns Republicans: A Democrat President Could Declare a "National Emergency" on Guns

Oh sure. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threw up his hands and told President Trump to sign the damned bill and declare a "national emergency" to fund your damned wall.

But, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired a shot across the bow of the [i]USS Republicans[/i] in a news conference this afternoon that a Democrat president can play the "national emergency" game, too.

To a reporter's question, she warned that if Trump goes down this road she could see a future Democrat president delaring a "national emergency" over gun violence.

[quote]"Want to talk about a national emergency? Let's talk about today, the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America," Pelosi said at a press conference, referencing the Parkland, Florida school shooting that left 17 dead last year. "That's a national emergency. Why don't you declare that emergency, Mr. President? I wish you would."

"But a Democratic president can do that," Pelosi said. "A Democratic president can declare a national emergencies as well. The precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans."[/quote]
windinhishair · 61-69, M
Pelosi is right on this one. If the GOP lets Trump declare a false national emergency unsupported by fact, a Democratic president, backed by much better and actual facts, could declare a national emergency on gun violence, or global climate change, or any number of other issues.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
@CookieLuvsBunny Do you need proof that there IS a Barack Obama?
CookieLuvsBunny · 31-35, F
@windinhishair That isn't the name he used when he was in college
windinhishair · 61-69, M
@CookieLuvsBunny So do you need proof for any of his later jobs? Or his literal existence?
Hmmm good point. I mean if we're just going to start declaring national emergencies to pursue our political goals, where does it end?
good luck disarming the American public.
QuixoticSoul · 41-45, M
@SheCallsMeCrushDaddy It's true, a segment of the population will bury and hide their guns. That's not a national emergency.

[quote]Me telling you that you’re wrong is not an argument.[/quote]

lol obviously.
Adults present arguments. Children argue.😉
@Pikachu Age is not relevant. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. You can keep deflecting, though.
NRA spent $30 million to get Trump elected. He is bought and paid for.
@whowasthatmaskedman Oh you mean another 4 years of DT ?
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@MarmeeMarch Lets make a deal. You stop being ridiculous and I will stop rubbing your nose in just how screwed your country is.

It's unfortunate Trump gives us SO much ammunition to "bash" him for 🤷‍♀️
Anon066 · 31-35, M
I don't think she knows what the word epidemic means.

Or she's never looked at a statistic.

Muh narrative doe...

Well ask yourself if gun violence is a widespread (apparently on the rise, according to QuixoticSoul's graph) and serious problem in america.
If the answer is no then i'd be interested to see how you arrived at that conclusion.
If the answer is yes then you should consider that perhaps "epidemic" is an appropriate consideration.
Anon066 · 31-35, M
Gun violence overall yes. But epidemic certainly doesn't apply to that, because it's been decreasing for a long time. It's still a large issue though and one that I think doesn't get really any productive attention. I'm fully in favor of discussing it as a serious problem.

Mass shootings may be an epidemic, and if so I'm in favor of the term used academically but not with the general public for reasons stated above.

I think that summarizes it well lol.

Well fair enough
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
I will start by saying I dont believe America will ever get firearms out of the community. Its just gone too far.. However. If my nation had a second death toll that ranked up there with the road toll and no one was doing anything about it, the way they do about the road toll, with speed limits, safety standards, seat belts and air bags and DUI laws, I would consider that an emergency/. No one wants to stop driving. But there are things that need doing.
Let's hope someone else gets the problem with this, like federal judges.

If not, I'm less worried about gun violence being declared a national emergency than I am the prospect of other "emergencies" requiring unilateral executive action like anticipated massive voter fraud in 2020 or the infiltration of the deep state Anti-Trump conspirators on Mueller's team or in Congress.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
@MistyCee Great points. It sets a horrible precedent that could be abused by any party in power, and usurps the role of Congress to appropriate.
marriedplus3 · 31-35, M
A national emergency on guns would create a real emergency. Because a war would break out in America because people with guns will pick up there guns and fight for there right to keep there guns.
QuixoticSoul · 41-45, M
@QuixoticSoul a lot of people have doubted the American spirit before. Ask England. LOL
QuixoticSoul · 41-45, M
@SheCallsMeCrushDaddy Nothing American about being a dumbass.
sunrisehawk · 61-69, M
Precedent??? Instead of screaming as if it has never been done, count up the emergencies each of the Presidents have enacted and look at what has been done in the name of emergency...

The real emergency is the fact that some of our politicians want our nation not to have any borders...A line on the map isn't a national border unless you control who crosses it.
sunrisehawk · 61-69, M
@QuixoticSoul Nobody.... Haven't you been listening to the news. Tearing down the current walls and welcoming everyone who crosses the border is open borders...and the Texas pol, Beto said that...He isn't alone.
QuixoticSoul · 41-45, M
@sunrisehawk "I'm not in favor of open borders" - Beto O'Rourke.
daisymay · 51-55, T
@QuixoticSoul But Trumpansies FEEL like Beto wants open borders, so no number of quotes proving otherwise will change their minds.

They're not only know-nothings, they're want-to-know-nothings.
Budwick · 70-79, M
A national emergency to suspend the Constitution?
I don't think so.
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
@Budwick Your objection then is that the current President is using parts of the previous Presidents use of his Constitutionally guaranteed powers to tackle the Mexican Cartel problem?
Budwick · 70-79, M
@sunsporter1649 Sun, I THINK you and I are on the same side of this issue.

I don't have any concern over Trump declaring a national emergency in order to address the border security matter.

My initial response [quote]A national emergency to suspend the Constitution?
I don't think so.

was directed toward of Pelosi's warning that future presidents might use the national emergency in order to confiscate our guns.

Does this alleviate your concerns?
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
@Budwick Very much so, and thanks for the reasoned response.
So what - A democratic prez. could declare anything - and most likely will.
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
@MarmeeMarch And already has. President Trump is using Obama’s National Emergency on Mexican Cartels to help build the border wall.
eli1601 · 70-79, M
More likely climate change rather than guns
easterniowegin · 51-55, M
That's a guaranteed way of starting Civil War II.
F*c king hyperbole.
what a dumb cluck

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