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Reminiscing about the best dog ever... Heelers are so smart!

Used to share a house with a bunch of friends. One of the guys had 2 ferrets and while he was at work one of them escaped from the cage. His girlfriend was beside herself with worry because she had left the back door open... she was crying her eyes out.
"No worries, Blue Dog to the rescue."🤓 I walked him to the door and asked, "Is the ferret there?"... "No!"🐶
"Check the yard."... after sniffing the fence line he comes back, "No."🐶
"Find the ferret, Blue!"🤓 Nose to the ground he searched the house until he reached one of the back bedrooms, insisting that she was under the bed. Turns out there was a tiny hole in the box spring and the ferret was hiding inside.
He wasn't properly trained to do such things, he just knew what was needed and responded accordingly. Blue got loads of treats and hugs for that little search and rescue, he was a natural.🎖️
Blue's mother once found a lost child, again with no prior training. She just understood the mission, and responded flawlessly to the command, "Find the baby!". Turns out the child thought he was playing hide and seek with his mother but failed to realize that Mom needed to be told ahead of time that there was a game taking place. He was hiding in the back yard and just thought it was funny that Mommy was frantically running around searching for him.😆
4meAndyou · F
He sounds like a wonderful dog! I still miss my little white bichon poo, Sugar. She would howl like a tiny little wolf, and cracked me up every time she did it...😂😂😂
@4meAndyou He loved the ferrets! They would play peek a boo.🤣 One ferret at each end of the couch, they would poke their heads out like a little whack-a-mole game while blue ran back and forth trying to tag them. It was hilarious! He would wrestle with them and was always so gentle, they were completely confident with him.
@4meAndyou Blue was smarter than some people.😆
4meAndyou · F
@UnderLockDown Unfortunately, I do believe that...😂😂😂
exexec · 61-69, C
Thanks for the post. I love dogs.
@exexec Dogs are a gift to humanity.
exexec · 61-69, C
@UnderLockDown Yes. I like the part about the ferrets. We had neighbors who fostered ferrets and let them out in their fenced back yard that backed up to our yard. The ferrets loved to drive our beagle crazy. They teased her mercilessly. It was hilarious.
@exexec They can become so well bonded! Dogs can love anyone.🤗

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