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Ugh, hearing about Australia facing threat of war with China is kinda concerning :(

I just started feeling better and was able to get out of bed and this is the first things I see in my feed lol


SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
i'll bet you a million dollars there's no war between china and australia.

i WONT make the same bet about China "reunifying" with Taiwan by invasion.
@SusanInFlorida Australia ain't got no say in that! Murkan people need war spending your side wins! War endlessly expanding forever. That's the law! Americans are uber. Uber alles.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
@Roundandroundwego i concede that if China attacks the USA, or vice versa, lots of western democracies will be drawn in. China has few friends. Even russia couldn't do much for them now, since they have apparentlyl run out of ammo, and are fighting with shovels and iranian drones.
@SusanInFlorida others attack. You defend only. Like when you expand NATO -. You defend. Globally. It's credible. Because we die if we oppose you. So booooom is the proof of USA being right.
deadgerbil · 22-25
I wonder how that would play out. But the news about war seems to have some criticism
Fishy · 31-35, F
@deadgerbil Criticism or no criticism, its still scary as heck 😔

Especially with everything that's been happening in Ukraine n such
Aukus is NATO against China. Nobody can stop it. We're powerless. War with China is the choice of the military elite.
deadgerbil · 22-25
If China does do anything, it will have a very rude awakening being on the receiving end of US ordinance

@deadgerbil good thing you have so many nukes surrounding china! Peace never had a chance. They'll make a mistake -. You go boooooooom.
tacobell · 26-30, M
Yeah you all are so close to each other. Stay safe down there.

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