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The Big Lie is just like the ww2 holocaust

Why? Because people who don't believe in it claim it didn't happen to promote their alternative facts version of events.

White supremacists are at the core of both ironically.
ron12241-45, M
All you leftist have multiple accounts.馃ぃ
zonavar6851-55, M
@ron122 So you deny the holocaust (mass execution of Jews by Hitler's white supremacy movement) occured during ww2 and you deny donald trump's white supremacy movement tried to start a new civil war on Jan 6 2021 because he couldn't accept that Joe Biden legally won the 2020 US presidential election? 8-)
ron12241-45, M
@zonavar68 You read that into What I said? All you leftist have multiple accounts.馃ぃ Very strange.
sunsporter164970-79, M
@zonavar68 Who writes your bullschiff, Professor Irwin Corey?
What is the big lie?
zonavar6851-55, M
@BritishNRASupporter Trump's brigade
@zonavar68 So at your age you still call people who oppose your ideas white supremacists and holocaust deniers?
zonavar6851-55, M
@BritishNRASupporter I'm just pointing out the similarities. Pro-kkk types and nazis try to say the holocaust didn't happen, just like Trump's supporters try to say the capitol riots did not happen. My age has nothing to do with it - I can see through bullshit and call it out for what it is. Same with religion, etc. I can easily say the Falklands war was a myth because it was so long ago now, and involved two countries (uk and argentina) which have nothing to do with Australia. But I don't because I know it was real and there were casualties on both sides fighting in-effect yet another 'proxy war' about disputed sovereignty.
sunsporter164970-79, M

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