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What do they mean

When they say women are more emotional than men?

I was told as a man to never show my emotions but use logic?
They mean that women act based on how they feel, which is associated with being void of reason; and men think more with their heads, and therefore are more reasonable.

I hate when people say things like that. [b][u]All[/u][/b] people are emotional. Emotions are formed from the thoughts we think. You think something, you feel an emotion from it, then you act based on those thoughts and emotions. Most people think of emotional being mad or sad, but emotions are also calm, happy, content, and more.

So what they really mean is that women are more prone to having hurt feelings or be passionate about things. Men are more likely to express anger. That is a more acceptable emotion for men than crying about it.

Too many people think that if you're emotional you're not using logic as well. That isn't necessarily true. Some people have strong reactions to things but they were logically concluded first.

Too many people think they're being logical because they believe their thoughts are based on truth and facts while the other person is only acting on how they feel (or so they believe) However, truth and fact is limited to what they know. This often prevents them from seeing any other conclusion as viable. You can deduce something based on what you "know" to be true or fact and be wrong in your conclusion.

Or they may think because they aren't being "emotional" about it that makes them logical. It doesn't. Lack of emotional expression doesn't make you better than somebody who is expressing their emotion. It is a good thing to be in tune with one's emotions, to acknowledge and process them.

In a relationship, I think it's bad to only think about issues in a logical, scientific way. Emotions have to be considered or you will inadvertently end up hurting the people you say you love over and over.

What most people label as emotional is probably more so a lack of emotional intelligence, which men and women both have varying weaknesses.

Sorry for the long post.
Ducky · 31-35, F
I would argue that it's illogical to never show any emotion, as there's nothing inherently wrong with anyone being emotional. Quite the opposite, it's perfectly healthy and only human to be so.
Elessar · 26-30, M
[quote]I was told as a man to never show my emotions but use logic?[/quote]

Unless you're a Vulcan, you're allowed to have and show them lol

It's a generalization.. women are often considered overly emotional.. it's good for men to have emotions when appropriate but it's frowned upon if they act like a big baby about things 😏 ya know? 😯😳
Unlearn · 41-45, M
There was a time I told convinced myself of something similar. That our brain (logic) is stronger than our heart (emotions) didn't turn out too well.
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Anger is apparently not an emotion for some. 🙄
AlphaAndy · 31-35, M
Answer my question guys please!
is an atavistic element of social gender stereotypes.

men are physically stronger. matriarchal society developed a rule for men to contain their anger and resentment. otherwise, a part of the female population would shrink.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
are you a vulcan or something? 🤔

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