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Iggy Pop ... YES Or NO

I am currently revisiting my love affair with Iggy's music ...
metaldog Best Comment
I'm bored

I鈥檝e seen him go full throttle live many times. None better.
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

I am envious . I haven't had that pleasure
Lust for life 馃幎
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

Is this what you decided to play after the leafs claimed Victory tonight !!!
@BobbyMoeven yes 馃き
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

Lol , Nice 馃榿
dubkebab51-55, M
In my ideal world there would be a 40 foot tall bronze and marble sculpture of Mr. Osterberg in my town square,so that the youth and all their descendants could hail the majesty of the mighty figure who transformed rawk for all eternity. So I guess I vote Yes.
Basia41-45, F
No. Not my style.
Sidewinder36-40, M
I'll admit that I like some of his songs.
The look of him always put me off. Shallow I know.
Jeez.. It鈥檚 been 20 years鈥. Candy..
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

I know music is all subjective and I ain't about to force feed anyone's taste , but

Maybe , just maybe , you feel a bit of an itch to give Iggy another listen ...

Just saying , there was a time , when my answer would have been yours
@BobbyMoeven i have tried a few times, its the same each time, i dont really get into it
Belladonna41-45, F
SilkandLace246-50, M
graphite61-69, M
Jimmy201661-69, M
馃.....Never cared for his music......
BobbyMoeven51-55, M
That is a pretty solid Yes!!!
Yes, duh.
BobbyMoeven51-55, M


Sure yes ... But right now I am listening to his campy version of 'Sea of Love:,,,,almost having giggle shits ...

But right after, I am listening to 'Tell me a Story', which no doubt Frank Black had on repeat on his player
@BobbyMoeven We need to forgive many heroes for their transgressions. Dancing in the Streets, David and Mick?
Yes of course, both Iggy solo and with the Stooges
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

I originally only liked him with the stooges ,, but that is not the case anymore ...
@BobbyMoeven this is my fave solo track

Iggy lol

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