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Jason Aldean - Try That In A Small Town

This song has really gotten under the skin of lefties.
For the life of me, I can not figure out why.

Bearsfan67 · 56-60, M Best Comment
It’s an anti violence song that shows the difference between violence and quiet peaceful living. The violence mentioned in the song isn’t glorified, it’s condemned and it’s about there still being places where respect, patriotism and community are still valued. I saw nothing in here that was offensive. I really like the song.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
@Bearsfan67 Best answer candidate here.

SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
This is the typical anti White, anti Male, anti Christian thread running through society right now. I am not a country western fan, but I have no issues with the lyrics.

If you are ok with rap music talking about drive by shootings, drug dealing, and honor killings, this song should not bother you in the slightest.
Patriotism and love of country is now fascist
akindheart · 61-69, F
Ilove this song. we are showing more solidarity than ever because we are sick of the leftists trying to take over our country.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
They should combine him and the movie "Sound of Freedom"

They could have stadium showings of the movie and then a set from Jason, really blow some left wing minds....
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout that’s right, you protect that target store.
I know, you think that you are funny…No one is laughing though

The reality of your meme is much darker


I have many news stories of conservative men of the church grooming children…

But keep posting lies.

A quick google search would have spared you the embarrassment from the rest …

Which profession is more likely to engage in spousal abuse?

Law enforcement..

For the last example…

Jonjdw · 46-50, M
Just more hate that is all. It’s a good message. But it will produce more hate. Never heard this song but I read some of the lyrics.
Jonjdw · 46-50, M
Simple country song. Like all of them. I dislike country music.
SnailTeeth · 36-40
A lone gunman with minimal training (literally spent less than a week on a gun-range) killed 60, injured 867, out of 22,000 people in under 15 minutes.
You really think a small town stands a chance?
With those numbers he could've brought 2 small towns to their knees.
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Raaii · 18-21, F
A good one 🙇‍♀️🍀

I thought you only share news sir
Budwick · 70-79, M
@Raaii It IS news.
Raaii · 18-21, F
@Budwick I see okiee
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