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I just had a thought: Why are there no girls on Tattooine...?

There are. There's the two major ones, Beru and Shimi, but there's also several women shown in Jabba's palace. I haven't watched the prequels since I was a kid, but I assume there's probably a lot of shots of women walking around town, too.
TheFragile · 46-50, M
Aunt Beru and Shimi Skywalker.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
They all ran off to Vegas?
they are the sand people... 😶
Dshhh · M
there were some, just not Humanoid girls.
ir was there one of those Head tentacle dancers?
Because it was blown up. The planet doesn't exist.
@SomeMichGuy Was Tattooine blown up? That was Alderaan, right?
@SW-User Some damn planet. The planet which was a basketball in [i]Hardware Wars[/i]... lmao
LordShadowfire · 46-50
I'm sure there are. It's just that we all know only men go adventuring. /s

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