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Avatar (2009 movie) Discussion

I’ve been a fan of the movie since it came out as a kid. I’m looking forward to the sequel but with it being released, a lot of old criticisms about the film are coming back up on the message boards.

I admit the movie had flaws. It’s plot is cliched and the characters are very archetypical. I enjoy those types of stories but I know not everyone does. However, a lot of the hate I saw surrounding the first film and upcoming sequel has me sick. I’ve seen comments saying people wanted to see the humans kill the Na’vi and take the unobtanium. Calling Jake a traitor for betraying humanity for a bunch of primitive monkeys. That the humans should have won because they’re technologically superior and wouldn’t have attacked the Na’vi if they just gave the humans what they wanted.

I was on one of these message boards not to long ago. I tried to point out the humans were invaders to the Na’vi’s home world. That it was no different from the dozens of movies were aliens try to invade earth and humanity successfully fights them off despite vast technological differences. I got downvoted and called a few things I would rather not repeat on this site.

I’m fine if you don’t like the movie and have legitimate criticism about it. I just don’t like the rabid hate some people spew about the Na’vi. Reminds me far too much of what some people say about colonialism being good and white supremacy in general. It makes me sick to read that and I know more will just be coming with the sequel. I’m just hoping intelligent thought wins out over ignorance this time around when the sequel is being criticized.
LordShadowfire · M Best Comment
I legitimately hate humans, because we do exactly what the movie portrays us as doing. We go into unspoiled wild places and try to exploit them. As such, I loved everything about the first movie.

Well, I did think the word unobtainium was lazy writing, but besides that.

GoneSilent · 26-30, F
It's one of my fav movie... I love all the animation and graphics work behind it... After all, it's just a commercial movie for entertainment purpose. I don't mind whether navi or humans take over the unobtanium.
Saintweezer · 36-40, M
Is it Pocahontas

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